Pau Hana - Surf Jack Stand Up Paddle Board, 10' 6"

Surf Jack Stand Up Paddle Board, 10' 6"



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The Pau Hana Surf Supply 10'6" Surf Jack Stand UP Paddleboard is extremely light weight, stable, and maneuverable. Its dimensions measure 10'6" X 28 3/4" X 4 1/4" thick. Made from an EPS core and epoxy resin, the board is lighter, stronger, and more ding resistant than a regular polyurethane board.

The Surf Jack was designed to surf well on any occasion, whether its flat water exercise on a lake, knee high surf on slow rolling point breaks, or head high A-frames over a reef. It will do a good job in a variety of conditions. Its light weight and built in handle make it to easy to carry to and from the water and transport around by car.  Its a great intermediate board that can last for a long time and won't leave you wanting to change sizes as your skill improves.  

This board features a flat deck to maximize the amount of foot space toward the rails. Narrow hips allow the board to turn more smoothly and add to its performance. The cupped nose of this board is slightly pulled up to reduce pearling (The nose of the board going under water when catching a wave) and increase wave catching.

  • 10'6" x 28 3/4" x 4 1/2"
  • 10" single fin box and two Futures side biters
  • deck mounted center handle for easy carry
  • actual color shown is not the actual board color

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Pau Hana - Surf Jack Stand Up Paddle Board, 10' 6"