Pau Hana - EZ Rider Stand Up Paddle Board, 11'

EZ Rider Stand Up Paddle Board, 11'



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The Pau Hana Surf Supply 11'0" Big EZ Stand UP Paddleboard is THICK and BUOYANT.  This board was made to float. Its dimensions measure 11'0" X 32" X 5" thick. Made from an EPS core and epoxy resin, the board is lighter, stronger, and more ding resistant than a regular polyurethane board.

The 11'0" PB Party Barge was made for two or more riders.  Think of it as a stand up tandem paddle board or simply a THICK board that'll float absolutely ANYBODY. This board was designed to stay on top of the water regardless of the weight of the rider.  Its great for cruising downstream on flat water, performing tandem poses in medium surf, or nose riding.

The round nose, full rails, and flat bottom keep the board buoyant.  The extra width, 32", helps with lateral stability and resists tilting over. The Big EZ glides easily on a forward stroke and turns naturally when stepping on the tail or pivoting.

  • 11'0" x 32" x 5"
  • 10" single fin box and two futures side bites
  • deck mounted center handle for easy carry
  • actual board shown is not the actual color
  • this is a demo board with minor use on the water

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Pau Hana - EZ Rider Stand Up Paddle Board, 11'