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Understanding Longboard Wheels

Everything you need to know to understand the technology behind longboard wheels. Complete with nice graphics to help you understand better.

Understanding Longboard Decks

A longboard ain't just a plank with wheels no more. Learn about the detail and precision technology that goes into the modern day longboard deck.

Understanding Longboard Bushings

Those little cushions called bushings can really change your ride. Learn how with this guide.

Understanding Longboard Trucks

How does a longboard truck work? Get to know them a little better with this guide.

Understanding Longboard Bearings

Learn all about how bearings make the wheels go round.

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Best Downhill Longboards 2016

If you've got a need for speed then your next downhill longboard is definitely on this list. We break down the best downhill longboards for summer 2016.

Best Cruiser Longboards 2016

A good cruiser board is like a best friend that you can stash in your locker. We made a list of our favorite cruiser boards for summer 2016 so you can find your next "best friend".

Best Carving Longboards 2016

The results are in - we've got a list of the industries best carving longboards for summer 2016!

Loaded Longboard Review 2016

Doing it better than so many brands, since 2000, Loaded has perfect the art of longboard technology. We break down what makes them the best and which boards are our personal favorites.

Bustin Longboard Review 2016

With a few tech updates and the return of many tried-and-true models, the Bustin Longboards 2016 lineup is looking very nice.

Arbor Longboard Review 2016

With their natural wood topsheets and classic graphics, Arbor is back with a sweet collection for summer. Let's dive in to 2016 Arbor Longboards...

Sector-9 Longboard Review 2016

We take a look at some of our favorite picks for summer 2016 in our Sector-9 longboard review.

Landyachtz Longboard Review 2016

With nearly 20 years in the game, Landyachtz is back with another season of killer shapes, insane graphics and quality tech. Here is our Landyachtz Longboards Review 2016.

Never Summer Longboard Review 2016

The 2016 collection of Never Summer Longboards is here and real solid. Find your next longboard right here on this list.

Where to Longboard Around Chicago

This many not be the Rockies, but that doesn't mean there aren't good spots to longboard around Chicago. Checkout our list of our favorite longboard spots in and around the Chicago area.

Best Carving Longboards 2015

With the 2015 longboards arriving, we hand-picked a list of our favorite carving longboards. Check out some of the best carving longboards for 2015.

Best Downhill Longboards 2015

The results are in, we've got a list of some of the best downhill longboards for 2015. See if your dream board made the cut!

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