Tunes, Repairs and Services

full tune-up options

Heading out on a trip or out riding for a day? Let Windward Boardshop take care of the hassle to get your snowboard back in tip-top shape to ride like new. All full snowboard tune-up’s include a full board inspection, base clean, hot wax, edge sharpen and base finish. Standard turnaround time is 3 days . Need it in a hurry? Just add $10 or $15 for a next or same day turnaround.

full tune service competition rate our rate
snowboard: edges + fast hydro wax $50+ $35
snowboard: edges + faster fluro wax $70+ $40
ski: edges + fast hydro wax $60+ $40
ski: edges + faster fluro wax $70+ $50

hot waxing

from as little as $25

Edges still in good shape but your board ridding a little slugish? It might be time for a fresh hot wax. All hot waxes include a full board inspection, base clean and your choice of wax. Here is a list of hot wax only rates:

hot wax type competition rate our rate
snowboard: fast hydro wax $40+ $25
snowboard: faster fluro wax $60+ $30
ski: fast hydro wax $50+ $30
ski: faster fluro wax $70+ $40

edge tune

from as little as $10

Your base still sliding slick but need a little more or less grab on the edges? Get your edges sharpened for maximum carve or de-tuned for maximum rail shred. All edge sharpening includes a full board inspection and edge tune or de-tune.

edge service competition rate our rate
snowboard: edge sharpen $30+ $10
snowboard: edge de-tune $20+ $10
ski: edge sharpen $30+ $20

snowboard repair

from as little as $15

Sometimes your snowboard really gets the shaft. We’ve all found that hidden rock or slammed our sidecut into a tree at somepoint. It is important to make sure you fix those issues right away before the damage gets worse. Any moisture that reaches the core can warp and really damage your board to the point it becomes un-rideable. Bring your damaged board into Windward for a free estimate and full service p-tex repair before it is too late. Basic repairs start at $15 and are estimated on a case by case basis. Don’t get screwed by somone else trying to charge you a ton of money for a simple fix. Come to Windward and we’ll get your board back in shred shape.

boot heat molding

forever free!

Looking for the perfect custom fit with your snowboard boots? Heat mold your snowboard boot liners to get a fit custom tailored to your individual foot. Most places charge over $40 for this service. In about 30 minutes, Windward will get your boots dialed in and heat molded for no charge. Didn’t buy the boots from us? No worries, just stop in with your new boots and we’ll get you set for free while you watch some snowboard videos and enjoy a beverage.

binding mounting

forever free!

New to snowboarding or just don’t know how to get your board setup? Mounting your bindings can be a little intimidating at first but Windward is here to help. We’re here to make it simple for you and get your perfect stance set and dialed in to get you shredding in no time. Plus, we’ll show you everything you need to know to adjust your bindings to tweak your stance to your new stance or boot size in the future. Did we mention it’s free for anyone even if you didn’t get the setup from us? Well, now we did.

skateboard building

forever free!

Buying a skate complete from us or already have one from somewhere else? Skateboards come with a bunch of parts and to someone who hasn’t put a complete together before it can be confusing on how to do it the right way. Need to swap trucks, wheels or bearings from an old deck to a new deck? No problem. Windward will take care of it for you at no charge. All we ask is that you enjoy your stay.

sup paddle sizing

forever free!

When it’s time to upgrade to that killer carbon SUP paddle let Windward take care of cutting it down to the perfect size for your height and riding style. We use a full epoxy+heat mold process to make sure your SUP paddle shaft is cut to the perfect length and the handle is fit to stay in the most demanding conditions. Don’t just get by with a hacksaw and some tape. Bring your SUP paddle to Windward and make it look like it was custom built for you!