The Best 2013 Snowboard Videos

The Best 2013 Snowboard Videos

The lowdown on winter 2013's best snowboard videos complete with trailers and magic unicorns.

UPDATE: We have a new revised 2014 version with all of the best 2014 snowboard videos for your viewing pleasure

As another year of snowboarding shred comes along the video gods bless us with 2013 snowboard videos and another year of crazy progression and mind blowing tricks from all our favorite pros. Even some of these videos just might eventually become your favorite snowboard videos, ever. We’ve narrowed down this year’s list to 8 of our favorite videos (in no specific order) complete with trailers and recap. It’s like a free ticket to the movies right on your computer magic machine!

Absinth Films: Resonance

Winter 2012 was quite the challenging winter for snowboarding and snow sports in general. The team over at Absinthe managed to find some sick shred despite the middle finger from Miss Mother Nature. This 2013 snowboard video explores Alaska, Japan, The Northwest and Europe. In full tune with mother natures secret frequencies comes the 2013 snowboard video, Resonance.

Rider List:

Nicolas Müller, Blair Habenicht, Mathieu Schaer, Gigi Rüf, Lucas Debari, Danny Kass, Scotty Lago, Eric Jackson, Brandon Cocard, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Ross Baker, Sylvain Bourbousson, Manuel Diaz, Pat Burgener, Johnnie Paxson, and Bode Merrill

Jeremy Jones’s Further

The sickest lines snowboarding has ever seen get even sicker with footage from some of the craziest peaks anyone has ever seen. Teton Gravity Research brings the second installment in the Jeremy Jones snowboard movie trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher, presented by O’Neill. Further will explore some of the world’s most remote mountain terrain while continuing Jones’ mission to camp deep in the backcountry and on the summits of unridden lines to access nearly vertical spines and wide-open powder fields. If you dig watching the most epic backcountry free ride experiences, this video will blow your mind.

Rider List:

Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakonsen, Ryland Bell, Lucas Debari, Forrest Shearer, Josh Dirksen, Mitch Toelderer, and Bibi Pekarek

Dinosaurs Will Die Team Vid

Dinosaurs Will Die’s first video brought to you with help from Think Thank. Featuring the DWD team, this 2013 snowboard video features a fine mix of urban assault with on street shenanigans for your dino death loving pleasure.

Rider List:

Ben Bogart, Jeff Keenan, Sean Genovese, Chris Larson, Brendon Hupp, Your Mom, Chris Brewster….and more.

Mind the Video Man 2013 Snowboard Video Trailer

Mind the Video Man offers a glimpse of snowboard progression and the future of the shred. Follow the 2013 snowboard video man and his crew as they push the limits of possibility and progression through creativity in an attempt to create something of meaning that will stand the new media onslaught and the test of time. Mind the video, man.

Rider List:

Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Ryan Paul, Ted Borland, Sean Black, Brandon Reis, Brandon Hammid, Nial Romanek, Chris Beresford, Sam Hulbert, Jaeger Bailey, Kyle Lopicollo, Curtis Woodman, and many more…

Enlighten 2013 Snowboard Video Trailer

From the crew that brought you Videograss’ Retrospect in 2011, comes their latest offering Enlighten. People fall, people land killer tricks. Simply put, this is ‘a snowboard video for snowboarders’.

Rider List:

Arnette, Ashbury, Banshee Bungee, Billabong, Bonfire, Capita, Elm, Holden, K2, Method Mag, Nitro, Quiksilver, Raiden, Salomon, Slash Snowboardmag, Spy, Vans

The Darkside

Following up last year’s Shoot The Moon, the VG crew lands on The Darkside for winter 2013. This is the early season teaser featuring some stylish moves from some of your favorite guys on snowboards.

Rider List:

Ben Bilocq, Chris Grenier, Danimals, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Harrison Gordon, Jake O.E., Joe Sexton, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nick Dirks

YES It’s a Movie Too 2013 Snowboard Video Trailer

YES it is a move. NO it doesn’t suck. YES it’s frickin’ awesome. Yes.’s takes on year two of their global snowboard domination adventure. This snowboard video from YES travels from AK to Chile, from BC to Japan; the boys (and Helen) keep their skills sharp, and their return dates open, spreading the YES. message global.

Rider List:

DCP, Roman De Marchi, JP Solberg, Tadashi Fuse, Helen Schettini, Frank April

Burton Thirteen

The follow up to last year’s Standing Sideways, comes the latest in snowboard cinematography from Burton Snowboards. Thirteen features footage from state-of-the-art cameras showcasing the world’s top riders at locations around the globe including Whistler, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Heavenly, Sun Valley, and Europe.

Rider List:

Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, John Jackson, Jussi Oksanen, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Terje Haakonsen, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, and Danny Davis.

This was the lowdown for 2013 but don’t miss out on our best 2014 snowboard videos here.

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