Never Summer Snowboards 2017

Never Summer Snowboards 2017

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Never Summer Snowboards is back with what seems to be their best collection yet. See what the crew in Denver has been up to and potentially find your next board right here on this list.

Never Summer Snowboards is celebrating their 25 year anniversary this year and it’s clear why these guys have been in business for as long as they have. Focusing more on construction and materials and less on marketing and silly promotions is what sets them apart and one of the reasons they have such a dedicated following. The 2017 season brings a few new models – including a special 25th anniversary board and a new, super mean park slayer, the Warlock. The Proto Type Two is back – and now also available in a women’s version and the tiniest of groms are also getting some love from Never Summer with the brand new Shredder series that goes all the way down to 80 cm. Read on and find what will hopefully be your next Never Summer snowboard.

Mens Snowboards

Warlock Snowboard

Never Summer Warlock Snowboard at Windward Boardshop

Brand new for 2017 and one of the meanest looking boards we’ve ever seen is the new park-shredding beast, the Never Summer Warlock. Scare the competition out of the way before you even take your first lap with this uniquely-shaped park shredding monster. Never Summer took some of the best characteristics from the Evo and Proto HD, added some carbon outside the bindings, and murdered out this true twin to create a freestyle work of art. Other features include Never Summer’s original Rocker Camber profile for ultimate versatility, a low-profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight, FDS dampening and elastomeric underfoot stabilizers for shock absorption when stomping huge tricks and P-Tex tip and tail protection for added durability. Bi-lite fiberglass, STS Pretensioned fiberglass and Carbon VXR laminate technology means this board is loaded to the brim with pop and snappiness for ultimate responsiveness and massive power when loading up for jumps. Available in traditional width or wide – those with a bigger foot, take a look at the Warlock X. Big mountain power and technology, tweaked perfectly for the park riding crew. Never Summer is proud to introduce the Warlock.


  • Brand new aggressive park board
  • NS took the best qualities from the Evo and Proto to create this new model
  • Carbon VXR laminate adds pop for major airs


  • Don’t butter too hard or you could catch on the shaped nose or tail!

Shop the Never Summer Warlock

Shop the Never Summer Warlock X

Twenty Five Snowboard

Never Summer Twenty Five at Windward Boardshop

A very limited, special edition board that was made to celebrate Never Summer’s big anniversary, the Twenty Five completely embodies everything that Never Summer Snowboards stands for. With features that will remind you of the once-iconic Heritage, the Twenty Five is a hard charging freeride machine and is everything that you would imagine it would be. Brand new for 2017 is the Hextech topsheet – a super strong, grippy top sheet that is scratch and chip resistant and removes the need for a stomp pad since it offers grip on it’ own. RDS 1+ Dampening and Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers ensure the ultimate in chatter reduction regardless of the conditions, Carbon Max Laminate technology adds more power and responsiveness so you can charge harder, a low profile tip and tail reduces drag and unnecessary weight and the Vario Powergrip Sidecut drives your carves for unmatched precision. Available in both regular and wide options, and both very limited – so be sure to jump on this before they are gone forever. Never Summer’s history is deeply rooted in 25 years of big mountain riding, and this board is the product of that experience.


  • New take on a classic, big mountain shape
  • Freeride power and precision
  • Dampening and underfoot stabilizers for top notch comfort and shock absorption


  • Not for beginners
  • Not intended for park or urban shred
  • Beefy construction is a little heavy

Shop the Never Summer Twenty Five

Shop the Never Summer Twenty Five X

West Snowboard

Neversummer West Snowboard at Windward Boardshop

A board that speaks to the seasoned vets and helps them dominate every inch of the mountain is the one and only Never Summer West. Only a few seasons old, the West quickly became a crowd favorite thanks to it’s super powerful yet agile design and Never Summer tech and quality that we’ve come to know and love. The Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile is snappy and lively, the Vario Powergrip Sidecut and Extended Transition area help drive the board thru precise and powerful carves, Bi-Lite Fiberglass adds pop for when you need to launch the West and the NS Superlight Wood Core reduces overall weight and adds pop. The West is also highly durable thanks to the P-Tex tip and tail protection and sintered P-Tex sidewalls. Ride a bigger boot size? No problem. Check out the West X for a wider version of the original with all the same tech. For the experienced riders who want a fun, responsive, do-it-all board, the Never Summer West is the way to go.


  • Aggressive Ripsaw rocker camber profile
  • Extended transition area for precise, powerful carves
  • Classic big mountain / all mountain ride


  • Directional so not great for riding switch
  • Ripsaw profile too stiff for first timers

Shop the Never Summer West

Shop the Never Summer West X

Swift Snowboard

Never Summer Swift at Windward Boardshop

For the days we all dream of, we give you, the Never Summer Swift. This beautiful powder hound has a nearly unsinkable shape and was built to drive thru the deepest days like a champ. The forked tail is minimal and sinks into the snow, the Extended Transition area allows for deep, smooth, precise carves, the RDS 1 Dampening System reduces chatter for less fatigue and a smoother ride and the Sintered 5501 base ensures top speed and durability so all you need to do is lean back and go. Not a powder day? Don’t worry – the Swift still has a powerful camber profile that can drive thru the crud when conditions are not ideal. But for the rest of those dreamy powder days – there is no better choice than the Never Summer Swift.


  • Powder day dream come true
  • Extended transition area drives the board thru any conditions
  • Dampening system reduces chatter when riding on hardpack


  • It can still handle all mountain conditions but we still would not recommend it as your everyday board

Shop the Never Summer Swift

Snowtrooper Snowboard

Never Summer Snowtrooper at Windward Boardshop

The Swiss Army Knife of the Never Summer lineup and a perfect all-mountain whip for riders of all skill levels, is the Never Summer Snowtrooper. Featuring a mid-flexing version of Never Summer’s Original Rocker Camber profile, the Snowtrooper is a versatile ride that can be enjoyed in any part of the mountain. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology adds power and responsiveness, the Durasurf XT Sintered base is fast and highly durable, the RDS 2 Dampening system reduces chatter and absorbs shock while the full wrap metal edge and P-Tex tip and tail protection add a ton of durability. Available in both regular and wide options – bigger footed riders should opt for the Snowtrooper X. The most rideable and versatile board in the entire lineup and a board that’s perfect for riders who want one board to do it all is the Never Summer Snowtrooper.


  • Never Summer’s most user friendly board
  • Riders of any skill level can enjoy
  • Carbon VXR laminate technology adds perfect amount of pop


  • Less aggressive than some other models in the line
  • Slightly setback stance not great when riding switch

Shop the Never Summer Snowtrooper

Shop the Never Summer Snowtrooper X

Ripsaw Snowboard

Neversummer Ripsaw at Windward Boardshop

Just like the name insinuates, the Never Summer Ripsaw was built to slice thru everything in it’s path – and that’s exactly what it’s been doing since it hit the scene just a few short years ago. With a flex profile all it’s own, the Ripsaw has a short rocker area and massive camber area which creates a hard charging board that is powerful, precise and able to drive thru just about anything in it’s path. Loaded up with fiberglass and the Carbon VXR laminate, the Ripsaw is one of the stiffest boards in the line and perfect for riders who want to go big and fast. The NS Custom Flightcore is insanely lightweight, the Sintered P Tex sidewall is strong and offers great rebound, the full wrap metal edge and P-Tex tip and tail protection add durability and the Durasurf Sintered Base is crazy fast so you can go ahead and start the smack talking and accept that race challenge. Available in standard width or wide, the big footed riders should be considering the Ripsaw X. Big and bad and not for the weak, the Never Summer Ripsaw is back for another season of a$$ kicking and name taking.


  • One of the most aggressive boards in the line
  • Precise, powerful and hard charging
  • Flightcore is super light


  • Super rigid – lighter weight riders and beginners may have a tough time

Shop the Never Summer Ripsaw

Shop the Never Summer Ripsaw X

Proto Type Two Snowboard

Neversummer Proto Type Two at Windward Boardshop

If the Funslinger and Ripsaw had a baby, that baby would be the Never Summer Proto Type Two. The true meaning of the “best of both worlds” the Proto Type Two has the tech to do it all and has quickly become one of the most sought-after boards in their lineup. Using the power-driven Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile, this board can carve hard and fast while the Asym shape adds an element of freestyle fun and the ability to quickly maneuver the board from regular to switch and back. Carbon Max Laminate technology loads the board up with pop for a snappy and precise ride, the low profile tip and tail reduce swing weight for faster spins, the Perforated Rocker Pad is located in the mid-section of the board to absorb vibrations between the feet and creates a buffer in the rocker area while the Vario Powergrip Sidecut assists with strong, clean, effortless carves for a smooth, fun ride at all times. Big footed riders should check out the Proto Type Two X for a wider version. The true do-it-all ride for the experienced shredder is the Never Summer Proto Type Two.


  • Possibly one of the best all mountain boards of all time
  • Aggressive yet playful
  • Twin shape, freestyle friendly


  • NONE

Shop the Never Summer Proto Type Two

Shop the Never Summer Proto Type Two X

Funslinger Snowboard

Neversummer Funslinger at Windward Boardshop

The Never Summer Funslinger is here to party. This wild ride is back for another season of freestyle domination and general “life of the party” kind of riding. This Asym board features a deeper heelside cut for easy switch riding and a powerful heel edge, Carbon VXR Laminate technology for a snappy response, Boost Flex wood core for additional launching power and the FDS Dampening system for cushion when stomping big landings. The low profile tip and tail reduce swing weight for spins and reduce drag on the occasional powder day while the Durasurf Sintered base offers a low-maintenance, high-speed ride. Available in regular and wide – bigger footed riders should choose the Funslinger X. Hand out the fun like candy on Halloween this winter with help from the Never Summer Funslinger.


  • A unique, soft flexing park board in the NS lineup
  • True twin, Asym freestyle fun
  • Carbon VXR laminate adds pop for launching off kickers


  • Not aggressive like the rest of the NS lineup
  • Can float in pow but not intended for big mountain riding

Shop the Never Summer Funslinger

Shop the Never Summer Funslinger X

Women’s Snowboards

Women’s Proto Type Two Snowboard

Neversummer Women's Proto Type Two at Windward Boardshop

Jess here from Windward – I had the chance to demo the brand new Never Summer Women’s Proto Type Two last winter and Im pleased to say it was everything I hoped it would be – and maybe a little more. We were at Copper Mountain in better than fair conditions – it was cold but there was snow so I was hyped to get the Type Two out there and try some different conditions. From groomers to the trees this board was outstanding. The overall speed was definitely on point as I was able to keep up with the rest of my shop crew, the Asym shape allowed me to whip around to switch quickly which was awesome in the trees and the super snappy flex made the entire ride really fun all the down the run. When it comes to actual tech specs the key features include Carbon Max Laminate Technology, the Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile, an extended transition area and a low-profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight. Many brands claim to produce the “do-it-all” snowboard but we can personally attest that the Never Summer Proto Type Two is actually THAT board. From groomers to the park to the trees – this board will get the job done every single time. If versatility is important to you then this is your board.

  • Insanely versatile all mountain freestyle board
  • Twin shape is great for park or maneuvering in the trees
  • Ripsaw profile is responsive and powerful


  • Less experienced riders may find the Ripsaw profile to be too stiff

Shop the Never Summer Women’s Proto Type Two

Onyx Snowboard

Neversummer Women's Onyx at Windward Boardshop

When the Onyx first came out, we hadn’t been that excited about a board in years – and we’ve gotta say we are still just as hyped on it after a few years on the snow. This freestyle powerhouse from the crew at Never Summer blew minds when the “big mountain” brand jumped into the park game – and did it oh so well. Lady park rippers all over have fallen in love with the responsive flex and playful feel of this killer board. Some of the key specs that make this board so awesome include the Original Rocker Camber profile that offers the perfect balance between flex and responsiveness, the low profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight to toss those 3’s a little faster and the FDS Dampening System to absorb the shock of stomping big landings. They may be known for big mountain shredding but the crew at Never Summer has absolutely crushed the park game when they came out with the Never Summer Onyx.


  • Super fun women’s park board
  • True twin, softer flex
  • Blunted nose and tail for less swing weight


  • One of the softer boards in the women’s line so more aggressive riders may find it to be too soft
  • The centered stance isn’t great for powder conditions

Shop the Never Summer Onyx

Infinity Snowboard

Neversummer Women's Infinity at Windward Boardshop

The most rideable board in the Never Summer women’s lineup and a perfect option for riders of all skill levels is the one and only Infinity. With a versatile all-mountain shape and progression-pushing tech, beginners will enjoy pushing their limits and experienced riders will have a blast on this fun to ride snowboard. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology makes the Infinity lively and responsive, the Original Rocker Camber profile offers a soft flex in between your bindings and a responsive camber under your feet and the Vario Power Grip Sidecut makes carving absolutely effortless. The RDS 2 Dampening system reduces chatter and absorbs unwanted shock while the Durasurf XT Sintered base holds wax well for excellent speed but is also highly durable for easy maintenance. And even though it’s easy and fun to ride, the Infinity still performs at the high expectations we’ve come to have for all Never Summer products.

  • Very rideable shape that is also great for beginners
  • Medium flex – easy to control
  • Directional shape allows for better float on deeper days


  • Let us know! We have yet to find any

Shop the Never Summer Infinity

Aura Snowboard

Neversummer Women's Aura at Windward Boardshop

The first women’s snowboard in the Never Summer lineup to feature the Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile is the new Never Summer Aura. This big mountain powerhouse has all the bells and whistles of some of Never Summer’s highest performance mens boards and now we’ve got one just for the ladies. There is a laundry list of tech so we will just jump in to some of the key features.. The Carbon VXR Laminate technology loads the board up with power, the extended transition area makes for seamless carving, the RDS2 dampening system acts as shock absorber and reduces chatter and the sintered PTex sidewall adds a ton of strength for impact protection and overall durability. If in the past you found yourself choosing mens boards over women’s boards because they just didn’t seem to have the tech you were looking for, then you might be the perfect candidate for the Never Summer Aura.

  • Aggressive, powerful women’s big mountain board
  • Ripsaw profile is super responsive
  • Added dampening reduces chatter


  • Not for beginners
  • The aggressive Ripsaw profile is intended for riders who know how to charge hard

Shop the Never Summer Aura

Kids Snowboards

Shredders Snowboard

Neversummer Boy's Shredders at Windward Boardshop

Brand new for winter ’17, Never Summer is ready to outfit the smallest rippers of the world by introducing the Never Summer Shredder snowboard. With sizes as small as 80cm, your mini shredder can hit the mountain with one of the best brands in the industry under their feet. With a super soft flexing version of their original Rocker Camber profile, the little riders can learn to use their edges without too much catchiness, while the bi-lite fiberglass offers just enough pop so the ride feels nice and responsive. Sintered P-Tex sidewalls mean extra durability for lift-line run-ins and the low-profile tip and tail allow for easy spins when they are ready. If you’ve been riding Never Summer there is no reason your Grom doesn’t deserve the same quality that you’ve come to know and love. Set them up for success with the Never Summer Shredder.

Shop the Never Summer Kids Shredders

Mini Proto Snowboard

Neversumer Boy's Mini Proto at Windward Boardshop

The legendary ride from Never Summer – sized for the groms – introducing the Mini Proto. They did not skimp on any of the tech when it comes to this take down of the mens version. The Mini Proto comes equipped with Never Summer’s Original Rocker Camber technology, Superlight wood core, RDS 2 dampening system for a chatter free ride and Elastomeric underfoot stabilizers. The low profile tip and tail help reduce swing weight for when you are ready to start spinning while the Vario Power Grip Sidecut allows for smooth transition on edge-to-edge turns. For the kids who are really ready to start ripping, trust the brand that has been doing it right for over 20 years and choose the Never Summer Mini Proto.

Shop the Never Summer Mini Proto

Starlet Snowboard

Neversummer Girl's Starlet at Windward Boardshop

The girls of the snowboard world never had it so good – introducing, the brand new Never Summer Starlet. The crew in CO has seen all the young lady rippers on the come up and knew it was time for a board just for them. Using their Original Rocker Camber profile, this soft flexing twin shaped board is perfect for both first timers and the girls who have a few seasons under their belt. The Vario Powergrip Sidecut makes for a smooth, effortless ride and the Freestyle Dampening System reduces any chatter for a lively, fun ride every time. Other cool features include a scratch-resistant matte finish top sheet, Bi-Lite fiberglass for a little extra pop and a sintered base for a smooth glide all season long. If you want your little lady to have the best, the Never Summer Starlet is what she needs.

Shop the Never Summer Youth Girls Starlet

Bantam Snowboard

Neversummer Boy's Bantam at Windward Boardshop

For the mini all-mountain ripper in your family, the brand new Never Summer Bantam is a dream come true. Big bro tech in a little bro package, the Bantam has Never Summer’s Original Rocker Camber technology, Bi-Lite fiberglass for the perfect amount of snap, a Press Flex Core for a softer flexing feel and a Vario Powergrip Sidecut for seamless edge to edge transition. They added a full wrap metal edge for extra durability along with a snazzy, scratch resistant matte finish top sheet. Finally, dampening technology reduces chatter for a comfortable, smooth ride at all times. When your little shredder is ready to hang with the big kids, set them up right with the Never Summer Bantam.

Shop the Never Summer Kids Bantam

As always, Never Summer is a quick seller so we recommend getting on your purchase sooner than later so you don’t miss out. The only issue with them being a smaller company is they don’t make a ton of extra boards so when these boards are done for the season – they’re done.

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