Loaded Longboards – Hover Fly Video

Loaded Longboards Team Longboarder Nick Escamilla Killing it on a Loaded Fat Tail.

The folks over at Loaded Longboards continue to push the envelope with their killer longboard products while their team riders continue to push the sport with killer shred. We could spend some time on breaking down the physics of each and every longboard trick he pulls out in this video but we know both that Bill the science guy’s rate is astronomical now a days and we couldn’t find anyone else that could explain it better at this time.

Really, the secret lies in the breakdown of longboard to skittles as seen in the first few seconds of this video. If you take the average rate of drag on each one of those little longboard-skittles then divide it by the factorial of the total amount of tricks in the video and finally multiply that outcome by the average lattitude and longitude location of each longboard trick location (rounded of course), it will tell you the secret to life and give you the power to do all of these longboard tricks. Now, many of you can just go ahead and get out on the streets and try these the old fashion way but the select few (you know who you are) can summon the power of this longboard formula and dominate both the stoke and the lives of at least 20 others. 

Now that we have that out of the way…In this new mini video, longboarder Nick Escamilla shows you what you can do on a Loaded Fat Tail Longboard with Orangatang Wheels. Can you slide like this guy? No? Well, take notes or die trying…

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