Jones Snowboards 2017

Jones Snowboards 2017

Big Mountain Jermey Jones is back with another year of powder and steep quiver killers. Get the low down on Jones 2017 Snowboards here.

Back for another season of fighting the good fight on the side of Mother Nature, while also producing some of the top snowboards in the world, the Jones Snowboards lineup is once again blowing us away. With tech advancements we can barely keep up with and shapes that satisfy ever rider – from the terrain park to the steepest backcountry bowls in the world – Jones continues to push the limits of snowboarding and board building. They also work hard to minimize their footprint and work with companies on the front lines of fighting climate change. When it comes to truly building a responsible product, nobody does it quite like Jones. Here are our top picks from their winter ’17 lineup.

Mens Snowboards

Mountain Twin / Ultra Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin at Windward Boardshop

The Jones take on freestyle riding comes in the form of the Mountain Twin. This insanely versatile board has the ability to slay the terrain park and still hold it’s own in big mountain conditions. With a camber-heavy Camrock profile and directional twin shape, you get the versatility of a park board with the response and precision that we’ve all come to know from Jones. The blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for quicker spins, a progressive sidecut allows for fast, effortless turns while the Sintered 7000 base guarantees top notch speed and wax absorbency. Triax fiberglass adds a ton of pop for launching off kickers, the brand new Mountain Core is a dual-density full wood core with hardwood bamboo stringers for added pop and durability and the new Eco-Plastic top sheet is ultra lightweight and chip / scratch resistant. When you step up the the Ultra Mountain Twin, you upgrade to the Ultra construction that offers a superlight wood core and carbon fiber stringers for added response and a more powerful snap. If you want a park friendly board but don’t want to compromise on tech or speed – then one of Jones Mountain twin boards just might be the perfect ride for you!

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Flasgship / Carbon Flagship Snowboard

Jones Flagship at Windward Boardshop

Redesigned for 2017 and better than ever, the Jones Flagship and Carbon Flagship continue to lead the pack when it comes to freeride-specific snowboards. Respected throughout the industry and sought after by shredders all over, the new and improved Flagship now has Power V Basalt Stringers for added torsional stability, the Spoon 3.0 nose and tail for better glide and float and for the non-carbon Flagship – the wood topsheet has been replaced with Flax Fiberglass for added Eco-performance. When you step up to the Carbon Flagship, you get the 2X TexTreme Carbon instead of the traditional topsheet with further shaves the weight off this already insanely lightweight board. Features that both boards share include a directional shape with a blunted nose and progressive sidecut, recycled ABS sidewalls and a fiberglass reinforcement that helps to keep the board riding like day 1 – even on day 100. So many experienced riders can’t be wrong – when professional level freeride is what you crave, then you should be riding one of the Jones Flagship boards.

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Explorer Snowboard

Jones Explorer at Windward Boardshop

Brand new for 2017 and an awesome addition to the Jones lineup, the Explorer is here to get you out on the mountain – for less money – without compromising on tech or features. Made to destroy the entire mountain and explore all that your local resort has to offer, the Explorer is a directional rocker board that has a large rocker section in the nose area for the ability to float while still offering some camber under the back foot for driving power and precision. Thanks to the rockered nose and tail, you can still ride this board switch when the situation calls for it and the blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for the freestyle-influenced days on the mountain. The Classic Core is a Slovenian poplar that is naturally poppy, durable and offers an even flex, the Sintered 7000 base has added carbon for better speed and wax absorption and the Oversized Recycled Edges beef up the durability while also doing something nice for Mother Nature. Get yourself on one of the best boards in the industry for a fraction of the price of several other models – without losing out on key tech and features – when you choose the brand new Jones Explorer.

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Aviator Snowboard

Jones Aviator at Windward Boardshop

Kind of like the big brother of the Mountain Twin, the Jones Aviator is a freestyle friendly all-mountain assassin for expert level riders who want one board that can truly do it all. With the ability to handle top speeds and maneuver quickly, the Aviator is kind of like the Lamborghini of the lineup. With a Power Camber profile, you get the precision and reliability of traditional camber with a very slight bevel at specific contact points at the nose and tail to reduce the catchiness and allow for a more loose feel despite the overall stiffness of the board. Carbon Triax Fiberglass loads this board up with a ton of responsiveness and snap, the Sintered 9900 base is insanely fast thanks to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and carbon combo, the base is pre-waxed with Wend Natural Wax for an out-of-the box ride and fiberglass reinforcement makes sure the Aviator is still performing at peak levels after a few seasons on the mountain. For the freestyle / freeride junkies out there that demand the best – the Jones Aviator is the only way to go.

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Project X Snowboard

Jones Project X at Windward Boardshop

Another brand new model for 2017 this is here to completely blow minds all over the industry is the super teched-out Jones Project X. Channeling the future of snowboard production, the Project X is the brainchild of  Jones board engineer Xavier Nidecker – he utilized all the most advanced tech available to create one of the industries lightest weight, most technical snowboards on the market. Built of the success of the Ultra construction, the Project X features multiple layers of Fusion Tech And TexTreme Carbon which replace the traditional topsheet and fiberglass for an insanely lightweight feel and equally responsive ride. In addition to the weight-reducing tech, the Power Camber profile and versatile shape means the Project X can be ridden all over the mountain and guarantees to perform in any conditions. The edges of the Spoon nose are very slightly beveled for improved float in powder, the Twin Directional shape is versatile and freestyle friendly, the progressive sidecut makes for seamless carves while Fusion Tech replaces the traditional topsheet with an ultra durable epoxy layer for reduced weight and less wasted materials. When you demand the best from your snowboarding, you have to ride the best. And as far as we are concerned that is the Jones Project X.

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Women’s Snowboards

Twin Sister Snowboard

Shop the Jones Twin Sister at Windward Boardshop

Newly designed for 2017 and still at the top of our women’s list is the super versatile Jones Twin Sister. Created for the ladies who want to enjoy the entire mountain and like to play in the park as much as they like challenging the homies to a race (and winning), the Twin Sister is a true all-mountain freestyle machine. With a directional twin shape and camber heavy CamRock profile, the Twin Sister is super responsive and lively thanks to the Triax fiberglass while the brand new Master Core maximizes lightness and dampening for a chatter-free ride. The Sintered 7000 base has added carbon for maximum speed and wax retention, recycled ABS sidewalls are sustainable and highly durable and mellow Magnetraction adds a little extra grip on the icy days for additional edge hold. If your mornings are spent on the groomers, and then you head to the park, and then dip into the trees before sundown – then you should probably be riding the Jones Twin Sister.

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Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard

Jones Women's Hovercraft at Windward Boardshop

Jess here from Windward – I had a chance to ride the Jones Women’s Hovercraft at Copper Mountain last year and my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Hands down one of the fastest boards I have ever ridden, the Hovercraft was hauling right out of the gates and had no signs of slowing down. I dipped into the trees and found it to be surprisingly nimble despite the wide body and also was lucky enough to experience the board in some decent powder conditions and was blown away by how easy it was to just “lean back and go”. When it comes to tech, the women’s Hovercraft has the Jones Spoon 4.0 nose and the Speed Channel tail. These two features work together and make this board float insanely easily in powder conditions while still finding the way to hold a hard edge on fast carves. The Bamboo Topsheet is lightweight, snappy and obviously eye catching, the Classic Core is a full wood Slovenian Poplar that offers a super poppy even flex and the Biax fiberglass adds just enough response to make the Hovercraft feel super lively without being over-stiff. For the experienced ladies who want a big-mountain board that can slay the groomers but truly belongs in the back bowls – the Jones women’s Hovercraft is probably the board for you.

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Women’s AirHeart Snowboard

Shop the Jones AirHeart at Windward Boardshop

Lovingly considered to be the big sister of the Twin Sister, the Jones Airheart is the big mountain freestyle riders dream. Similarly shaped like the Twin Sister but packing a bigger punch, the Airheart is ideal for the experienced freestyle rider who goes big and does it fast – regardless of the terrain she is on. The Spoon 2.0 nose and tail offer the perfect amount of scoop to keep from feeling too catchy, the Power Camber shape lets you charge hard and carve precisely – even in less than desirable conditions – while a tip to tail carbon fiber layer loads this board up with major torsional stiffness for an overall insanely supportive and responsive ride. Want to feel good about this purchase? How about the recycled edges and Eco-Plastic top sheet that replace some really nasty chemicals. Now you can feel good about your bond with Mother Nature when you are out there slaying with the crew. The directional twin shape and blunted nose let you ride switch with ease whether thats in the trees or on a hot lap thru the park and the Sintered 9900 base guarantees you will always be moving at top speed – so go ahead and challenge the boys to a race, and wish them good luck. For the girl who knows what she wants and demands top performance, the only board to consider is the Jones AirHeart.

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Women’s Flagship Snowboard

Jones Women's Flagship at Windward Boardshop

We may have saved the best for last when it comes to the Jones women’s Flagship. This freestyle masterpiece was created for the woman who wants to ride fast and carve big lines and needs a board that can keep up with her in the process. The mens Flagship quickly became a staple in the industry when it comes to freeride boards and the women’s version followed suit.They cut no corners in producing the women’s version and any female ripper that I’ve ever spoken with that has had the pleasure of riding this board has given nothing but shining reviews. The directional rocker and blunted Spoon 3.0 nose allow you to lean back and power thru the snow in an aggressive-yet-surfy way. This board is fast and powerful but on those dreamy pow days you can just lean back and carve your way down the mountain with little to no effort. Triax fiberglass and Power V Basalt Stringers load the Flagship up with power for the hard charging days and offer a ton of response so you can make quick decisions and feel confident that the board will follow. The Power Core has added bamboo stringers for reduced weight, added pop and durability, Flax is added as a dampening element for chatter reduction on hard pack days and mellow Magnetraction adds a few additional contact points for better edge grip on icy mornings. For the big mountain rider who isn’t afraid to push herself – and her skills – to the next level, the Jones women’s Flagship is the perfect companion to have by your side.

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Youth Snowboards

Discovery Snowboard

Jones Youth Discovery at Windward Boardshop

If you have succeeded as a parent and your child is already ripping like the big kids, then you need to get him or her on a board that will really help push their skills – and that board is the Jones Youth Discovery. The top notch tech trickles down into this little ripper and Jones cut no corners when developing this board for our future Olympian or X Gamers. The Discovery is a directional rocker board with a Spoon 1.0 nose that reduces catchiness so your little shredder can power around the mountain without getting hung up on any aggressive edges. The progressive sidecut helps them nail their carves and drives them thru turns with a seamless flow to help build their confidence while the Biax fiberglass adds just enough pop to make this board lively and fun to ride. You can talk about being Eco-friendly with your little one thanks to the Recycled ABS Sidewalls and oversized Recycled Edges while the Film Topsheet cuts down weight and wasted materials for a lightweight, feel good ride. When your little one starts keeping up with the pack, it’s time to get them on the right board. Check out the Jones Youth Discovery.

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Prodigy Snowboard

Jones Prodigy at Windward Boardshop

Jones really recognized the need for a complete, comprehensive kids line for winter ’17 and that’s where the inspiration for the youth Prodigy came from. For the smallest groms that need a freestyle-friendly ride, the Prodigy is here to make learning easy so they can progress faster and build their confidence on the mountain. Starting at the smallest size of 110, the tiny kids can now have Jones-quality tech so they can really master their fundamentals and start riding like the big kids. The Spoon nose allows for a catch free glide so they can learn to carve easier, Camrock offers the best of both worlds when it comes to flex and response, the directional rocker points them in the right direction while the progressive sidecut helps lead them into smooth, seamless turns. When your little ripper is ready to hit the mountains, gear them up with the best board you can so they have the best chance to succeed. The Jones Prodigy is that board.

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If you were not already stoked on the Jones brand before this article, hopefully it pushed you over the edge.

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