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How to get SUP Certified

Want to take your stand up paddle boarding to the next level? Find out how to get SUP certified.

What Do You Need to SUP in Cold Water?

Had enough of the winter blues and really want to get out and SUP? Here is a list of what you'll need to SUP in cold water.

How to Stand Up Paddle Board Video Guide

Looking to learn how to stand up paddle board? This quick video guide shows you everything to get started stand up paddle boarding in minutes.

Pilates Oblique Series on the SUP

We cover three great SUP Pilates exercises to really work your obliques and help develop your core balance to a new level.

How to Size and Cut Your SUP Paddle

Not sure how to size and cut an SUP paddle? Watch in this quick video demo where we walk through the steps to customize your uncut paddle with the perfect fit.

Using Pilates to Cross-Train for SUP

Pilates is a great way to cross-train for SUP. We cover three Pilates exercises to prepare your body for the upcoming stand up paddle board season.

Learn SUP Pilates - Part 1

An introduction to Pilates on a stand up paddle board. In part 1 we go over core Pilates principles and show you 3 simple moves to learn SUP Pilates.

SUP Yoga - Staying Paddle Fit in the Off Season

Tips on staying SUP Yoga fit in the offseason so you are in tip top shape for stand up paddle boarding when summer comes.

SUP Yoga - Poses Part 1

We continue our stand up paddle yoga series with instructor Mary Lou. Here she gives everyone a few beginner poses to start with on your SUP board.

How To Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Basics

A beginners introduction on how to stand up paddle board. Everything you need to know to get out and have fun on the water.

How to Choose the Right Stand Up Paddle Board Setup

So you've paddled a few times and now it's time to buy? Read on for some quick tips about how to choose the right stand up paddle board.