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How to get SUP Certified

Want to take your stand up paddle boarding to the next level? Find out how to get SUP certified.

Starboard SUP Board Review 2016

Starboard SUP is one of the top brands water-sports and they are back with a killer new lineup this year. Let's review Starboard SUP Boards for 2016.

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review 2016

Leading the game when it comes to inflatable paddle boards, Red Paddle Co is back with brand new tech and a fresh look for summer 2016. Let's review Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Boards!

Naish SUP Boards Review 2016

Around since '79 and notorious for producing premium sup and surf products, Naish SUP is back this season. Here is our Naish SUP Board review for 2016.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

Lacking storage or simply love to travel and want to paddleboard? We break down the best inflatable stand up paddleboards of summer 2016.

Best Beginner Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

You've tried it a few times and now it's time to take one home. We've got all the info you need to find yourself the best beginner stand up paddleboard.

Best Touring/Race Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

Take your stand up paddleboarding to the next level. Here is a list of the best touring/race paddleboards for summer 2016.

Best SUP Yoga Boards 2016

Whether it's your first year on a board or you've been nailing head stands for years, we've got the perfect SUP yoga paddle board for summer 2016.

Why Own an Inflatable SUP vs. Fiberglass SUP?

You know it's time to purchase a stand up paddle board but you are unsure if you should go traditional or inflatable SUP. Let's help you make the right choice.

Riviera Paddlesurf Paddleboard Review 2015

The SUP season is upon us and Riviera Paddlesurf is back with another killer collection of boards. New colors, sizes and shapes for every type of paddler.

Bic Sport Paddleboard Review 2015

The pen people are back with another lineup of Bic Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2015. Here is a list of some of our favorite picks.

Best SUP Yoga Boards 2015

Expand your on land yoga skills and get out on the water with SUP yoga. We've got a list of the best SUP yoga boards for 2015.

Best Touring/Race SUP Boards 2015

When cruising around your local lake gets boring, that means it's time to upgrade. We've got a list of the best race and touring SUP boards for 2015.

Best Beginner Stand Up Paddleboards 2015

You tried it a few times and fell in love, now it's time to buy your own board. We've got a list of the best beginner stand up paddleboards for 2015.

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review 2015

When it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards, nobody does it better than Red Paddle Co. Check out their latest for 2015.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards 2015

No, these are not glorified floaties. These are high quality, super durable, extra stable inflatable SUP boards designed for all-around paddling in 2015.

Naish SUP Paddleboard Review 2015

The Naish 2015 SUP board lineup has hit arrived and it's everything we hoped it would be and more.

Starboard SUP Paddleboard Review 2015

From small surf to big races, the Starboard SUP 2015 lineup has a board for every paddler. Read on, your next board might be on this list.

C4 Waterman Paddleboard Review 2015

With a fresh new look for 2015, C4 Waterman is back with a board for every type of paddler. Find your next stand up paddle board below.

Best SUP Yoga Boards 2014

Ready to take your yoga practice to the water? Here is a list of some of the best SUP yoga boards for 2014.

Naish SUP Paddleboard Review 2014

Their best line of boards yet? Quite possibly. We review the 2014 Naish SUP lineup.

The Best SUP Paddles 2014

You found the perfect SUP board and now it's time to find the perfect paddle. We run down our favorite 2014 SUP paddles.

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