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2014 New Balance Numeric Shoes

New Balance has mastered footwear for decades, now it's time for them to get that same reputation in the skate industry. Introducing New Balance Numeric.

Where To Skate In Chicago

It's that time of year again! Knock the dust off your board, here is a list of where to skate in Chicago.

What to Buy a Skateboarder for X-Mas 2013

Got a skateboarder on your shopping list but don't know what to buy a skateboarder? Here are some items that every skateboarder needs.

Understanding Skateboard Trucks

Everybody knows what skateboard trucks are, but how do they work? Here is a little guide for better understanding skateboard trucks.

Understanding Skate Shoes

Double stitching, vulc soles, super suede. All these terms seem confusing? We break down all you need to know to purchase your next pair of skate shoes.

Understanding Skateboard Wheels

What do all these numbers and shapes mean? Let us help you out. Here's a handy guide to understanding skateboard wheels.

How To Build A Skateboard

A video demo on how to build your skateboard. Complete with step by step instructions for all you visual learners.

The Best 2013 Skateboard Bearings

Your skateboard not rolling like it used to? Chances are it's time for some new bearings. We've got your guide to the best 2013 skateboard bearings ever.

Chicago Skateboard Company - Reed Wheel Co.

We sat down with Austin Whiting from Reed Wheel Company, a Chicago skateboard company, to find out how the company started and where it's going in the future.

People We Love - Al from Character Skateboards

Chicago-based skate company Character Skateboards has been holding down the city for over ten years. We sat down with the man behind it all, Alan Butella.

Remind Insoles - Products We Love

The solution to all your foot-related issues is here. Affordable and awesome, Remind Insoles.

Help our good friend Reggie Destin

Help support Chicago skater Reggie Destin.

Chicago Skateboarding with Compadre Skateboards

A local Chicago skateboarding video from our friends over at Compadre Skateboards.

A Quick History of Skateboarding

Take a step back in time and learn something about the roots of skate.

Top 10 Mini Ramp Tricks to Blow your Friends Mind

Conquer the mini ramp and get all the ladies with these mini ramp skateboard tricks to surely impress.

Understanding Risers & Hardware

Do I need risers? What size should I use? Learn all about the answers to these questions.

Skateboard Videos - The "Must Own" List - The 1980s.

Time for a little history lesson in skate videos.

How To Choose The Right Skateboard

What you need to look for when you're ready to build a skateboard complete.

Almost Skateboards - Deck Tech Explained

Super impact uber double, what? Almost deck tech broken down in real people speak.

People We Love - Autobahn's Doug Johnson

A quick chat with an insider over at Autobahn Wheel Company.

Chicago Skateboards Skate the Lake

The breaks on Lake Michigan downtown Chicago have been conquered.

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