Burton Snowboards 2017

Burton Snowboards 2017

In the game since you were in diapers and somehow still managing to lead the way, Burton Snowboards is back for winter '17 with some of their best boards yet.

Just when you think Burton has done it all, another season comes along and they find a way to introduce new tech, offer amazing collaborations and somehow keep things fresh and exciting after decades in the game. The 2017 collection is no different. From the insane Led Zeppelin collaboration, to the addition of the new price-point classic camber Descendant – they manage to keep us all interested and excited to see whats to come with every new season. The kids line continues to raise the bar when it comes to progression-friendly boards and their women’s collection is one of the tightest we’ve ever seen when it comes to tech, shapes and graphics. Without further ado, here are our favorites from Burton for winter ’17.

Mens Snowboards

Easy Livin’ Snowboard

Burton Easy Livin' at Windward Boardshop

Every year we assume that season’s collaboration with the Burton Easy Livin’ is going to be the best yet – and then they went ahead and absolutely blew our minds with this year’s Led Zeppelin collabo. Led Zeppelin embodied freedom and creativity in the 1960’s and the Easy Livin’ does the same for snowboarding today. With 3 different sizes – each with it’s own set of benefits – there is an Easy Livin’ for every type of rider. The 152 has a blunted nose and tail for reduced swing weight and is perfect for the freestyle riders or park rippers. The 155 is the happy medium – a perfect all around shape that can tackle just about any terrain you can find. Finally, the 158 has a pointy, more freeride inspired shape that thrives in the bigger mountain / deeper snow conditions. All 3 sizes are true twins and (just like the good ol’ days) traditional camber boards for that snap and response that we all know and love. Dual Density Triax Fiberglass loads the board up with a ton of pop which is ideal for both launching off kickers or any rider who just wants a lively, responsive snowboarding experience and the Sintered WFO base is Burton’s fastest base which means you never have to worry about keeping up with the rest of the pack. Climb that stairway to snowboarding heaven with help from this year’s Burton Easy Livin. *Note – each size does have a different graphic, follow the link below to check availability.


  • Versatile all mountain / freestyle ride
  • 3 different sizes that each have specific nose / tail shapes
  • Led Zeppelin collection is INSANE


  • They will probably be sold out before you can buy one

Shop the Burton Easy Livin

Custom X Flying V Snowboard

Burton Custom X Flying V at Windward Boardshop

We’ve always referred to the Custom X as the Lamborghini of the Burton lineup due to it’s insanely stiff flex and the way it handles the mountain like a race car. For those that want all the tech of the Custom X, but with a slightly more rideable flex, Burton now offers the Custom X Flying V. Taking away the camber and adding the Flying V allows the Custom X to float better in powder conditions and have a more versatile overall ride. But don’t worry – this beast still handles hard carves and steeps – but the slightly softer flex makes the board more maneuverable so the big mountain freestyle crowd can also enjoy the power of the Custom X. A few of the other most prominent features include the Dragonfly 600G core, Multizone EGD for added strength and responsiveness, 45 degree carbon highlights and Burton’s fastest base – the sintered WFO base. Frostbite edges create additional contact points for better grip in icy conditions and Squeezebox High which channels power just outside the feet for instant response in the tip and tail. All the power you expect but now in a more rideable and versatile version, you cannot beat the ride you get from the Custom X Flying V.


  • A slightly softer flexing version of the Classic Custom X
  • Still super powerful and responsive
  • FAST


  • Stiff and not intended for beginners

Shop the Burton Custom X Flying V

Descendant Snowboard

Burton Descendant at Windward Boardshop

In a line full of extremely high-end tech and all the bells and whistles, it’s absolutely refreshing to get to know the Burton Descendant. This price conscious, user friendly, progression pushing snowboard is perfect for any beginner to intermediate rider that wants super responsive – and super durable all-mountain crushing snowboard. With a true twin shape and PurePop Camber flex, the Descendant is just like the board that many of us learned to snowboard on years ago. The true twin shape allows newbies to get comfortable riding switch, the traditional (yet softer) camber flex is responsive and poppy for a lively feel and the Extruded base is durable and very easy to care for. The FSC Certified Super Fly core is strong and lightweight and the Biax fiberglass adds a little more pep in your step making this board perfect for riders who want to dabble in some terrain park fun. All the tech you need to get the job done with a price tag that leaves extra cash for lunch – we give you, the Burton Descendant.


  • Super reasonably priced
  • Traditional camber, true twin board


  • Beginners may find the camber to be a little catchy at first

Shop the Burton Descendant

Custom Mystery Snowboard

Burton Custom Mystery at Windward Boardshop

Still considered one of the wonders of the snowboard world, the Burton Custom Mystery is the lightest board in the lineup and now available on Burton’s most popular and rider-friendly shape. The Custom has been in the line for decades and what better board to build up with their top tech than the most popular board of all time? Pairing the Mystery tech with the shape of the Custom has created the worlds most high-tech – yet super easy to ride snowboard. In keeping with the tried and true tech of the Custom, the Custom Mystery is a directional twin board loaded up with PurePop Camber for a snappy, responsive ride. Burton lightest weight Ultrafly 500G core is packed inside layers of Mystery Glass and topped off with the insanely fast Methlon Base. Many brands create high tech boards and make them so specific that they loose the ability to be versatile. The Custom Mystery can be ridden by any snowboarder that just wants the best possible all mountain board that money can buy.


  • Lightest board that money can buy
  • Absolute top of the line construction and materials
  • Excellent all mountain shape means anyone can ride this board


  • Price

Shop the Burton Custom Mystery

Process Off Axis Snowboard

Burton Process Off-Axis at Windward Boardshop

Just when you thought the Burton Process couldn’t get any better, they went ahead and added an Off-Axis version just for the park heads out there. This already freestyle-friendly ride just got a beefed up Off-Axis heel edge for added power and ease when switching back and forth from riding switch. The PurePop camber is super responsive and snappy, the Triax Fiberglass adds even more pop for loading up before jumps, the true twin shape was built to ride switch and the sintered base keeps you hauling it at all times. The upgraded Super Fly II core is insanely lightweight and the Dualzone EGD adds strength throughout the board for park-style durability. If your days are spent lapping the park then the Burton Off-Axis Process is the board that should be strapped to your feet.


  • True twin, off-axis park board
  • Soft flex that park newbies can handle
  • PurePop camber adds snappy responsiveness


  • Off-axis shape not for everyone
  • Blunted nose not great for deeper days

Shop the Burton Process Off Axis

Name Dropper Snowboard

Burton Name Dropper at Windward Boardshop

When the Burton Name Dropper hit the park scene a few years ago, riders everywhere were blown away by the insane flex that Burton was able to achieve. A few years into the game and a few tweaks and the 2017 version is better than ever. The true twin flat top shape is super skatey, Triax fiberglass loads the board up with pop despite it’s thin profile, Filet-O-Flex reduces the board to most thin construction they can for the ultimate bend and the sintered base keeps you cooking so you can get up that kicker or onto that rail at top speed. Whether it’s urban shred or a day at the park, the Name Dropper will get it done with more flex than you ever knew was possible.

  • Insanely soft flex
  • Park / Urban shred ready
  • True twin / off-axis


  • Pretty park specific and not intended for big mountain riding
  • Filet-O-Flex not idea for heavier weight riders

Shop the Burton Name Dropper

Process Flying V Snowboard

Burton Process Flying V at Windward Boardshop

Modeled after the long-running Custom but tweaked to be a little softer and more playful, the Process Flying V has quickly become a favorite of team riders and seasoned rippers all over. Loaded with some of Burton’s top tech but made to be totally rideable – even for beginners – the Process is a versatile board that so many can enjoy. The twin shape and flex allows for easy switch riding, the Flying V profile is the most versatile of all giving you the perfect balance between flex and response, Triax fiberglass loads this board up with pop for fun in the park and a sintered base ensures you will still be keeping up with the rest of the pack. All mountain capabilities, a freestyle-friendly shape and a flex that any skill level rider can enjoy. The Process Flying V is always a great choice.


  • Similar to the Custom but less expensive
  • Awesome all mountain option
  • Ideal for any skill level


  • True twin shape with the blunted nose and tail more designed for freestyle riding / less ideal for deep pow / big mountain

Shop the Burton Process Flying V

Trick Pony Snowboard

Burton Trick Pony at Windward Boardshop

When you view the entire mountain as your terrain park, you need the freestyle-focused all-mountain beast that we call the Burton Trick Pony. Big-mountain benefits mixed with a ton of pop for launching every natural terrain feature you can find, the Trick Pony is ideal for the guys who may not spend the day in the terrain park, but they do spend the day turning nature into their terrain park. Thanks to the Pure Pop Camber, the Trick Pony is super powerful and has the ability to carve fast, hard lines, the true twin shape adds versatility for maneuvering thru trees or riding switch, the Sintered WFO base is Burton’s fastest base so speed is a guarantee and the carbon I-beam down the center of the board adds stability and stiffness for a powerful overall ride. One of the most versatile boards in the lineup and ideal for the adventure seeker who enjoys big mountain cruising and the occasional launch off a big kicker, the Burton Trick Pony is truly one of our favorites.


  • Super snappy true twin powerhouse
  • Sintered WFO base is the fastest Burton makes
  • Loaded with fiberglass / carbon I-beam for top notch response


  • Haven’t found one yet – let us know!

Shop the Burton Trick Pony

Flight Attendant Snowboard

Burton Flight Attendant at Windward Boardshop

Take flight into the mountains this winter with the freeride dream we call the Burton Flight Attendant. This tapered, directional camber board is built to float in powder, slay in the trees and lay down seriously hard carves. The FSC Certified Super Fly II Core is insanely lightweight weighing in at just 700 grams, a carbon I-beam runs the length of the board for additional stability and power, Triax fiberglass loads the board up with a ton of pop and the sintered WFO base guarantees the fastest ride you can find. Balanced freeride geometry allows the tail to sink and the nose to pop up for excellent float in powder while the directional camber helps you drive thru the crud and power your way down the run. Take to the skies this winter when you choose the Burton Flight Attendant.


  • Freeride / backcountry specific
  • Directional camber with tail taper for better float in pow
  • Carbon I-beam adds stiffness for more power


  • Pretty pow-specific so not ideal for hard pack or midwest riding
  • Tapered tail means less maneuverability riding switch

Shop the Burton Flight Attendant

Women’s Snowboards

Lip Stick Snowboard

Burton Women's Lip-Stick at Windward Boardshop

One of our favorite female-specific snowboards is the super playful, all mountain assassin that we know as the Burton Lip Stick. Perfect for the lady who enjoys the entire mountain but specifically appreciates the park-friendly tech and features that make it super fun on jumps, jibs and anything else you can find to play on. With a true twin shape, super-skatey flat top profile and Triax fiberglass, the Lip Stick is loaded with pop and and power making it super fun in the park and an overall very lively board to ride. The Sintered WFO base is on of Burton’s fastest bases so you know they didn’t cut any corners with the tech and other features like Frostbite Edges and Infinite Ride technology only add to the overall awesome factor of this super fun ride. If you plan to tackle the entire mountain this winter – from pipe to park to trees -trust on of the best women’s boards on the market, the Burton Lip Stick.


  • All mountain freestyle versatility
  • Flat top profile for perfect happy medium flex
  • Sintered WFO base guarantees a fast ride


  • Flat top with Triax fiberglass may be a little too catchy for first timers

Shop the Burton Lipstick

Family Tree Day Trader Snowboard

Burton Women's Family Tree Day Trader at Windward Boardshop

Hey all – Jess here from Windward and I got to test the Burton Family Tree Day Trader board and I am here to give my personal testament.. This. Board. Is. Awesome. The Day Trader is one of the most effortless – yet high performance – boards I have ever had the pleasure of riding. The Directional Tapered shape allows you to lean back, point the board, and go; the Triax fiberglass loads this board up with pop for excellent responsiveness on carves and surprising pop on little kickers and the recycled Sintered WFO base is insanely fast and highly durable so you make sure you get a great life out of this board. This board is fast, precise and lively but also has the ability to float in powder for a super surfy, laid back ride. If there is one board that I will tell you to not pass up on for the 2017 season, it’s the Burton Family Tree Day Trader.


  • Directional tapered shape floats perfect in pow
  • Effortless carves in deep snow
  • Can hit the groomers but made for backcountry / freeride


  • Pretty pow specific so not as ideal for everyday resort cruising

Shop the Burton Family Tree Day Trader

Deja Vu Snowboard

Burton Women's Deja Vu at Windward Boardshop

Just because a board is “beginner friendly” doesn’t mean that is should be lacking in tech. The Burton Deja Vu is the perfect balance between high-performance tech and an easy-to-ride shape, making it one of the most progression driven women’s boards that Burton makes. The true twin shape allows riders to experiment riding switch, the Flying V bend gives riders the best of both worlds with rocker in between your feet camber under your bindings where you need it most and the Triax fiberglass adds a ton of responsiveness, making the board super lively and a blast to ride. Whether you are still learning and want a board to grow with or you’ve been riding a while and want to push your skills to the next level, the Burton Deja Vu will help you get there.


  • Super user friendly and great for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Flying V profile offers perfect medium flex
  • True Twin so you can experiment riding switch


  • May be too soft for riders who are looking for aggressive responsiveness

Shop the Burton Deja Vu

Genie Snowboard

Burton Women's Genie at Windward Boardshop

If learning to snowboard was any easier, then it wouldn’t be learning to snowboard! The Burton Genie literally gives you all the tools that you need to succeed on the mountain this winter. The True Twin shape and flex allow you to comfortably ride the board either direction, the Flat Top bend means your edges are easy to get up on but not too catchy, the Biax fiberglass offers just enough pop to make it super fun to ride and the Extruded Base is extra durable and easy to maintain. If you are looking for a super fun, versatile, easy to ride board, then you just found your match with the Burton Genie.


  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Easy to ride true twin / flat top shape
  • Biax fiberglass not too stiff


  • Pretty beginner specific
  • More experienced riders may find it to be too soft

Shop the Burton Genie

Feather Snowboard

Burton Women's Feather at Windward Boarshop

Welcome to the land of snowboard progression, your host is the Burton Feather. The sure sign of a good snowboard is one that is both easy to use while offering enough tech that you don’t “grow out of it” in one season – that board my friends is the Feather. With a very slight Directional Taper, the Feather is able to direct the board so all you need to do is point it and go. The Flat Top bend makes getting up on your edges super easy without being too catchy, the FSC Certified Superfly Core is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly while the Biax Fiberglass adds just the right amount of snap and pop for a lively ride. Just soft enough for a beginner to appreciate but versatile enough to cater to intermediate riders, the Burton Feather is once again a board that you should not pass up.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Filet O Flex profile super soft and easy to maneuver
  • Under $400


  • Filet O Flex makes the board super soft  – may not be ideal for heavier weight riders
  • Slight directional taper not great for riding switch

Shop the Burton Feather

Kids Snowboards

Riglet Snowboard

Burton Riglet at Windward Boardshop

No, you do NOT have to start your kid on skis thanks to the Burton Riglet Snowboard. Grom tested and parent approved, the Riglet is best way to introduce your little one to snowboarding. The retractable reel allows you to pull your little ripper around so they can get comfortable standing sideways. Bindings can be mounted when they are ready or they can simply stand on the padded stance area until they are comfortable strapping in. Want to train in the off-season? You can buy the Hover Cover and use the Riglet board inside on hardwood floors or on carpeting. Gone are the days of forcing your child to become a 2-planker. Start them off right with the Burton Riglet.


  • Perfect for smaller kids that still need assistance from Mom and Dad
  • Soft padding allows the rider to stand on the deck without strapping in

Shop the Burton Riglet

Chopper x Marvel Comics Snowboard

Burton Boy's Chopper Ltd Marvel at Windward Boardshop

Let your little super hero shine on the mountain this winter with the Burton Chopper LTD Marvel collection. All the world’s greatest super hero’s featured in this massive collection that is also perfect for the Marvel collector that wants some killer wall art. Available in sizes as small as 80cm, the Chopper is perfect for grom’s of all sizes looking for their first real snowboard. The binding area is padded for backyard runs with or without bindings and the smaller sizes are riglet-reel compatible so you can pull your little one around the yard when they are first starting out. The board is a true twin so they can easily figure out whether they want to ride regular or goofy and the slightly beveled edge makes sure they don’t get any unnecessary edge bite when figuring out how to carve. Start your little hero out on the right foot this winter with the Burton Chopper Snowboard. *Note that each size features a different super hero graphic – click the link below to see the specific sizes and graphics.


  • Available in a huge range of sizes
  • Slightly de-tuned edge makes learning easy

Shop the Burton Chopper 

Deja Vu Smalls Snowboard

Burton Girl's Deja Vu Smalls at Windward Boardshop

For the little lady that is ready to conquer the entire mountain this winter, there is no better board than the Burton Deja Vu Smalls. Built to help progression while still being easy to ride, the Deja Vu Smalls is a true all-mountain ride. The Flat Top shape is softer than traditional camber without being super loose like a rocker board, the true twin shape allows her to figure out her ideal riding stance and the blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for when she is ready to start spinning. The Extruded base is easy to maintain and holds wax well and the FSC Certified Super Fly Core is lightweight which helps avoid any unnecessary fatigue. When she is ready to step up and ride with the big girls, it’s time for the Burton Deja Vu Smalls.


  • Perfect for the younger rider that is fully committed to learning
  • True twin shape allows them to learn to ride switch

Shop the Burton Deja Vu Smalls

Process Smalls Snowboard

Burton Boy's Process Smalls at Windward Boardshop

If your little ripper is ready to hit the terrain park this winter, then we recommend setting them up on the Burton Process Smalls. Modeled after the adult version but sized for Junior, the Process Smalls is a super soft flexing true twin ride that was made for the mini freestyle rider. With a super-skatey flat top profile and true twin shape, you will be nailing those presses and spins like a pro. Biax fiberglass adds just enough snap for a lighter weight rider while the Extruded Base offers durability and excellent wax retention. The Burton Channel binding system allows for a seamless board to boot feel while also un-limiting your stance options and the Super Fly core lightens the overall weight of the board so you can fly high on those jumps without feeling weighted down. Finally, the blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight so you can toss those 3’s when you are ready.


  • Quality of the big kid version but sized down for Junior
  • Rail-ready edge tune reduces catchiness

Shop the Burton Process Smalls

We hope you are as hyped as we were on the lineup for this year.

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