Best Downhill Longboards 2016

Best Downhill Longboards 2016

If you've got a need for speed then your next downhill longboard is definitely on this list. We break down the best downhill longboards for summer 2016.

Whether you are just getting into downhill longboard or are a seasoned vet, it all comes down to having the right downhill longboard. The right board will offer stability and control you can rely on to hit those high speeds with confidence and comfort. In this list, we will break down some of our personal top picks for the best downhill longboards for summer 2016. Some of these boards are best suited for the experienced freeride enthusiast and some are perfect for the rider who is just starting to enter the downhill world. Regardless of your skill level and personal riding style, we are pretty sure we’ve got a perfect board for you.

Never Summer Reaper Longboard

Never Summer Reaper at Windward Boardshop

If any brand knows the ins and outs of downhill, it’s definitely Never Summer. The proof is here in the Never Summer Reaper Longboard. This super-techy hill bomber has all the perks needed to handle the high speed demands of serious downhill riding. The Reaper is an American-made board with a super supportive W concave and grab rails for the ability to “hang on tight” at the highest of speeds. CNC machined fiberglass reinforced wheel wells eliminate wheel bite and and a sturdy build and multi-core technology makes the construction the toughest build you can find. P Tex nose and tail protection means if your board slides out slams into a wall, it will still be in tact. The Carbonium base finish tops it off adding a ton of durability to keep your board looking it’s best race after race. Finally, the top mount has a 3/16″ micro drop to lower you just enough to add some stability while keeping a safe height from the ground for those super fast days. Trust that a brand that was born in the mountains knows how to make a board that was truly meant to be ridden there. Number 1 on our list is definitely the Never Summer Reaper.

  • W Concave for ultimate grip
  • Micro drop with top mount
  • P-Tex reinforced nose and tail and Carbonium base for durability

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Never Summer Avalanche Longboard

Never Summer Avalanche at Windward Boardshop

If you want to point your board and get there fast, the Reaper is the right choice. If you like to have a little fun on the way down, then we highly recommend the Never Summer Avalanche Longboard. Just as powerful as the Reaper but made to be more versatile for some freeride fun, the Avalanche is a perfect option for the rider who needs an everyday board that can also rip downhill. Lighter in weight and definitely slide-ready, the Avalanche has grab rails and a patented contour technology for a one of a kind ride. W Concave ensures your feet are locked into place during high speed turns and slides while the 1/4″ rocker and drop-thru mount lower your center of gravity for better balance and effortless push. Finally, a P-Tex reinforced nose and tail and Carbonium base graphic add a ton of durability to an already super-tough ride. For downhill capabilities on a super fun freeride board, the only way to go is the Never Summer Avalanche.

  • Lightweight – just over 7lbs complete
  • W Concave for added foot lock
  • Drop-thru mount keeps you closer to the ground

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Arbor Vugenhausen Longboard

Arbor Vugenhausen at Windward Boardshop

This twin-tipped downhill beast is literally intimidating just to look at. If you want to scare your competition away before the race even begins, the Arbor Vugenhausen Longboard is the perfect way to do it. With a shape that basically says “get out of my way” the Vugenhausen is made up of 9 plies of the best Maple wood (sustainably sourced of course), a top mount with a micro drop, and major gas pedals for the ultimate in control. A true twin, the Vugenhausen can be ridden either direction and the extra gritty Roam grip tape makes sure your feet stay in place regardless of the speed or terrain. The added gas pedals give you power and stability behind your carves while he 71mm wheels offer excellent grip and let you hit those high speeds like a pro. Let everyone know who’s boss before the race even starts when you roll up on the Arbor Vugenhausen.

  • Twin shape for versatility
  • Massive gas pedals for added grip and precision on turns
  • Top mount with micro drop for perfect height

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Landyachtz Switchblade HT Longboard

Landyachtz Switchblade at Windward Boardshop

A name synonymous with freeride and packed with downhill-ready tech, the Landyachtz Switchblade Longboard is equipped to handle just about any terrain you can find. Now available in the lighter and stronger HT (Hollow Tech) construction, the Switchblade is better than ever. Besides these new weight developments, the other big features include a drop thru mount for a slightly lowered ride, W concave to lock your feet tight in place, perfectly placed foot pockets for added stability and equipped with Bear Trucks. Available in 3 different sizes so you can choose based on your personal preference or size, each with the same outstanding tech that we’ve come to expect from Landyacthz. These guys have been at it for years and the Switchblade is one of their best. Step up your downhill game this year when you treat yourself to a Hollow Tech Switchblade.

  • HT (Hollow Tech) construction is lighter and stronger
  • W Concave and foot pockets for added control and power
  • Drop thru mount can be converted to top mount if that’s your preference

Shop the Switchblade 36

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Landyachtz Evo Longboard

Landyacthz Evo at Windward Boardshop

It literally says “World Champion” on the back of the Landyacthz Evo Longboard. That claim is far from a lie. In it’s short existence, the Evo has won more world championships than any other board since it’s creation. With an insane shape that screams speed, the Evo is not your neighborhood cruiser board. Top mount with an insane drop, super wide body for added support, massive concave for foot lock and an extra beefy construction for added power and stability at high speeds. Equipped with Bear trucks, this 39″ x 9’8″ body will carry you through the tightest turns, sharpest carves and highest speeds you can handle. If you’ve been riding downhill for a while and are ready to take that next step to some more serious competition, choose the Evo and find out why this board wins year after year after year.

  • World champion quality race board
  • Top mount with insanely low dropped deck
  • Massive concave and foot pockets for ulitmate stability

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Sector 9 Sprocket Longboard

Sector 9 Sprocket at Windward Boardshop

Another excellent option for the ripper who wants a board they can ride everyday as well as handle proper downhill is the Sector 9 Sprocket Longboard. With a beefy 8-ply maple construction, the Sprocket is super stable and also a great option for those who are just getting into downhill. The Sprocket offers stability without features like W concave which can make everyday pushing slightly awkward. The drop thru mount keeps you a little closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity while the slightly concaved deck offers just the right amount of foot lock and power for those sharper carves. Gullwing Charger trucks and 72mm / 80a Race Wheels come standard on this complete so you are ready to start ripping your locals hills as soon as this guy comes out of the box. Whether you are a beginner that is looking for a stable board or a more experienced rider that is ready to dabble in downhill, the Sector 9 Sprocket is an excellent choice.

  • Sturdy construction and stable shape
  • Versatile enough for everyday cruising
  • Just enough concave to offer foot lock without awkward angles

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Now all you need to do is stock up on slide glove replacement pucks and grab your helmet. It’s time to hit those hills! We hope this list gave you a good place to start so you can find the right downhill board for your personal needs. For our full selection of longboard completes, including cruiser and carving boards as well:

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