Best Cruiser Longboards 2016

Best Cruiser Longboards 2016

A good cruiser board is like a best friend that you can stash in your locker. We made a list of our favorite cruiser boards for summer 2016 so you can find your next "best friend".

Nothing completes a skate quiver better than a good cruiser board. Lucky for you, we’ve got a whole list of them below. If traditional skateboards seem too serious but longboards seem too, well, long, then you may be in the market for cruiser board. Cruiser boards generally take the shape of a traditional skateboard but come equipped with longboard style wheels that are softer and easier to ride on. This combo creates a versatile, portable, easy to ride skateboard that is perfect for just about any rider. Take a look at some of our favorite cruiser boards below!

Bustin Spliff Cruiser Board

Bustin Spliff at Windward Boardshop

One of the better looking boards on our list is a favorite of shop employees and college kids everywhere. The Bustin Spliff Cruiser Board is a must have for any cruiser collection. Built to turn on a dime and offer some major agility, the Spliff can carve quickly, ollie up a curb and even handle a little speed every now and then. Functional tail kick adds maneuverability, super wide and grippy longboard wheels ensure the smoothest of rides and the sanded out wheel wells make sure you don’t end up with any nasty wheel bite. Whether you are whipping across campus to get to class on time or headed out for a late night skate with the crew, the Bustin Spliff is a perfectly compact cruiser that is definitely down for the ride.

  • Camber / Rocker profile
  • Asymmetrical carving-friendly shape
  • Super light Bamboo X construction

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Sunset 5200 Cruiser Board

Sunset 5200 Cruiser at Windward Boardshop

We’re pretty sure that if you look up “cruiser board” in the dictionary, a picture of the Sunset 5200 Cruiser Board will magically appear. If it doesn’t, it should. A true, classic micro cruiser, the Sunset 5200 can easily be stashed in your car, under your desk or in your locker for easy on-the-go shred. With a 7-ply maple construction and mini 3″ trucks, this little whip will get you around town in style thanks to the glowing Sunset LED wheels and timeless bottom graphic. Slight kick at the tail adds a little functionality and the die-cut Sunset griptape will toss you a few extra style points. For quick trips and easy stashing the Sunset 5200 is the only way to go.

  • Glowing LED Wheels
  • Micro cruiser with 7-ply maple construction for durability
  • Shorter length means easy to stash at school or work

Shop the Sunset 5200

Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser Board

Sector 9 Bamboozler at Windward Boardshop

Another board in the collection that is earning some major style points is the Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser Board. This bamboo cruiser has the classic Sector 9 look that we’ve all come to know and love and the new chevron-style bottom graphic takes it to the next level. With clear grip tape so the fancy bamboo can shine thru, the Bamboozler also offers functional nose and tail kick, traditional skate trucks for a tighter turning radius, super soft cruiser wheels and rounded out wheel wells to avoid wheel bite. Boardwalk lurking at it’s finest. Hit the beach or your local city streets in style with the brand new Sector 9 Bamboozler.

  • Bamboo construction is lightweight and awesome looking
  • Traditional skate trucks offer a tighter turning radius
  • Soft cruiser wheels keep you rolling smooth at all times
  • Rounded out wheel wells help you avoid wheel bite

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Bustin Maestro Mini Cruiser Board

Bustin Maestro Mini at Windward Boardshop

A true “mini longboard” and super fun to ride, the Bustin Maestro Mini Cruiser Board was definitely meant to be on this list. All the benefits of a traditional longboard, sized down into a compact, super portable, surprisingly stable micro longboard. You get benefits like drop thru trucks and completely cut out wheel wells mixed with fully functional nose and tail kick and serious concave. That makes this little whip super technical and really fun to ride. The wide body helps make up for the stability you lose with a board this small while the super soft longboard wheels make sure you can roll over almost any crack, rock or bump in the sidewalk without batting an eye. If you are a longboard junkie and need something compact or maybe a traditional skater that is interested in long boarding but don’t want to take the plunge on a massive board, the Maestro Mini is the answer.

  • Longboard benefits in a much smaller board
  • Drop thru mount and cut out wheel wells
  • Wide body offers support under both front and back foot

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Never Summer Dime Cruiser Board

Never Summer Dime at Windward Boardshop

If you thought that Never Summer only knew about making longboards just wait until you step foot on the Never Summer Dime Cruiser Board. The big mountain boys took a whack at making a skateboard and they pretty much nailed it. Packed with typical Never Summer tech, the Dime is an American made composite construction deck with multi-horizontal maple veneer core technology and a killer matte finish on the bottom graphic. The functional kick tail gives you a little reason to get rad and the traditional skate trucks offer a tighter turning radius and more classic skate-type feel. The crew at Never Summer has aced longboards and snowboards, now it’s time for them to dominate the cruiser market. Pick up a Dime of your own and see for yourself why Never Summer is one of the best.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Functional kick tail
  • Matte finish scratch resistant bottom graphic
  • Soft cruiser wheels for a smooth ride

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Arbor Pocket Rocket Cruiser Board

Arbor Pocket Rocket at Windward Boardshop

On our list, every year, and always a best seller in store, the Arbor Pocket Rocket Cruiser Board is one of the greatest cruiser boards of all time. Pint sized and perfect for quick trips to the store or getting to class on time, you can stash the Pocket Rocket easily and she offers quite the smooth ride despite the smaller size. Nose and tail kick, rounded out wheels wells to avoid wheel bite, cushy cruiser wheels for the smoothest of rides and – in classic Arbor style – clear grip tape to let the fancy top sheet shine thru. Wherever your cruising needs are taking you, the Arbor Pocket Rocket is the perfect companion for the ride.

  • Perfectly sized and shaped
  • Cut out wheel wells to avoid wheel bite
  • Just enough nose and tail kick
  • Clear grip compliments the wood top sheet

Shop the Pocket Rocket

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy at Windward Boardshop

Landyachtz has one of the most thorough lines of longboards. Included in that is a killer little cruiser called the Landyacthz Dinghy Cruiser Board. The perfect around-town ride for city cruising or attempting to make it to class on time, the Dinghy comes with seriously cushy Hawgz wheels and traditional skate trucks. A slight kick tail adds a little versatility and the concave helps grip your feet for a more stable ride. Everything you need is in this perfect little cruiser board they call the Landyachtz Dinghy.

  • Skate friendly shape
  • Super soft longboard wheels for a smooth ride
  • Traditional skate trucks for tighter turns

Shop the Dinghy

Now get out there and skate!

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