Best Cruiser Boards For 2013

Best Cruiser Boards For 2013

Looking to get around in style this summer? Might be time for a sweet little cruiser board.

No matter where you live, summer time means cruiser board time! Not trying to kickflip a 10 stair but still want to get your roll on this summer? We’ve got just what you need – a list of some of the best cruiser boards available for 2013. Longboards are not for everyone but at the same time, regular decks with smaller wheels can be a pain on the crappy city streets, the happy medium is a classic-shape-inspired cruiser board.

Taking cues from great decks of the past, classic wider shapes with defined kick tails and pointed noses is what you will find topping out this list. Surf inspired graphics, grippy gummy wheels and super short grab-and-go sizes are just what you need to get around with the quickness this summer. Whether you are looking for a liquor store run ride or something to cut your commute a little shorter, we are sure one of the following decks will do just the trick. 

Penny Board $99 (22″ x 6″)

The legend lives on. We see it on the daily, parents come in with their kids and look at the Penny’s and say “That’s the board that I grew up riding on!” It’s pretty much true. The Penny brand skateboards have been around for years and the classic shape they are molded after has been around even longer. Throw on some clay wheels and you got yourself a piece for the Smithsonian. These extra durable and super versatile boards are not just for kids (although, bonus – they fit in lockers…) anybody that likes to skate and is looking for a compact ride will love the Penny boards after the first ride. 

Sector 9 Soup Bowls Cruiser Board

Sector 9 Soup Bowls $139 (28.5″ x 7.5″)

If plastic cruisers are not your cup of tea, take a look at this bamboo gem from our West Coast friends at Sector 9. Laced with Gullwing trucks and 61mm wheels, this eco-friendly little ripper may be beach born but she’s more than ready for a trip thru the city. Classic surf inspired graphics give this board it’s timeless look and the perfectly concave shape is a blast to ride anywhere. Add a little kick to the nose and tail and you’ve got yourself one killer little cruiser. 

Arbor Pocket Rocket Arbor Pocket Rocket Bamboo

Arbor Pocket Rocket $149 (26″ x 7.75″)

Somewhere in Mexico, there is an empty pool calling your name. The Arbor Pocket Rocket is ready to take that trip with you. Perfectly sized with a nice little kicktail and a perfect amount of concave, this mini shredder is way tougher than it looks. Available in a sustainable KOA topsheet or bamboo option, this little hand-held ripper will take you everywhere you need to go this summer. Arbor keeps it green with all water based finishes, recycled plastic risers and “Lucid Grip” made of crushed recycled glass. So now you can feel even better about jumping that fence and hitting that empty pool. 

Arbor Woody Green Arbor Woody Blue Arbor Woody Red

Arbor Woody $99 (23.5″ x 6″)

Short and sweet, the Arbor Woody is a classic, 7-ply hard rock maple cruiser that is as compact as it is fun to ride. Hop on the bus or train, shove it in a locker, or toss it in your backpack and this board tucks away like it was never there. Super fun to ride around on, with a sweet little kick tail and icing on the cake – 6 beautifully stained color options. Coming in at just 23.5″ long, this mini cruiser will cut thru crowded streets like a pocket knife and is must have for your all your summer transportation needs.

Santa Cruz Stripe Shark Cruzer

Santa Cruz Stripe Shark Cruzer $120 (27.7″ x 8.8″)

The average Throwback Thursday Instagram post has nothing on this deck. Santa Cruz sent their time machine back to ’85 and the Stripe Shark Cruzer is what it came back with. Whether you plan to rip your local park or just lurk at the beach, this board can do it all and will do it with more style than you can deal with. Perfectly sized 65mm wheels give you enough wheelbase to handle some over-worked city streets but are small enough to show off at the skatepark and the double kicktail certainly doesn’t hurt either. 

Santa Cruz PBC PBR Land Shark Cruzer

Santa Cruz PBR Land Shark Cruzer $135 (27.7 x 8.8)

Nothing says summer like an ice cold PBR and nothing says skateboarding like the brand Santa Cruz, so when those two things come together, it’s pure American made magic. And yes, that is a bottle opener you see there. The Land Shark is one of the most classic cruiser shapes from Santa Cruz, modeled after a traditional fish tail surfboard, with the perfect amount of concave and kick, this board can do it all. (including open your beer.) Bowls, pools, sidewalk surfing and cruising to the store for more PBR, this board is ready for summer – are you?

Hosoi Hammerhead OG Neon Yellow Hosoi Hammerhead Cadillac Hosoi Hammerhead OG Neon Pink

Hosoi Hammerhead $64 – $69

And then we saved the best for last. Pick your own trucks and wheels and customize as you like, the Hosoi Hammerhead Re-Issue is now available in the OG Hammerhead and Cadillac shapes.  Based on Christian Hosoi’s original pro models, these classic rippers are perfect for the skater looking for a beast of a downhill or pool board or throw some soft wheels on this guy and just cruise the day away. The Cadillac shape is 9.25 wide and the OG comes in at 10.5. Both offering ample room to have a nice comfy stance and the defined nose and tail kicks not only look cool but work perfectly for ground tricks too. Get rad with the neon color options and channel your inner early-90’s glory days. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this little cruiser board round up and maybe even found your new mode of transportation for this summer. Keep in mind that you can always customize your own cruiser and if you are interested in any of the decks just by themselves, we can generally order the deck only so you can build it up as you like. Let’s roll!

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