Best Carving Longboards 2016

Best Carving Longboards 2016

The results are in - we've got a list of the industries best carving longboards for summer 2016!

Looking to tear up the turns with the best carving longboard out there? When it comes to choosing the right carving longboard, you want to look for a few key features.


Something many people prefer in their carving boards. A slight flex will allow you to pump and really drive your carves so many people look for materials like bamboo and fiberglass.


One brand that has locked down the carving truck market is Gullwing with their renowned Sidewinder trucks. These trucks have insane turning capabilities and are perfect for those looking for easy, smooth carving trucks. If you want something a little less ‘turney’, Paris trucks also offer a real smooth level of turn-ability.


A larger, softer, more grippy wheel is often preferred for carving. When you really get going on your carves, stability is key so many boards on this list will have wheels that are over 65mm and several are offset for added grip.

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite carving longboards for summer 2016.

Sector 9 Chamber Longboard

Sector 9 Chamber at Windward Boardshop

One element you need to have a super carving board is the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. The Sector 9 Chamber Longboard comes stock with just that! The double-kingpin masterpiece that is the Sidewinder allows for the most insane turning capabilities of any longboard truck we’ve ever seen. Perfect for flat ground pushing and smooth, momentum building carves, the Chamber has the perfect shape and components, making it one of our favorite carving-specific longboards. Other features include a 7-ply maple that is strong but offers a slight, comfortable flex, a drop thru mount to lower your center of gravity since Sidewinder trucks sit slightly higher by nature and 69mm offset Top Shelf wheels that offer the ultimate in grip and control. The narrow body is light and springy and great for lighter weight riders and it also has a functional kick tail for a little added maneuverability. When it comes to searching for the right carving longboard, you MUST consider the Sector 9 Chamber.

  • Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks offer insane turning
  • Drop thru mount lowers the board slightly
  • 69mm offset Top Shelf wheels grip the pavement for perfect stability

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Never Summer Heist Longboard

Never Summer Heist at Windward Boardshop

One of our personal favorites on the list comes from our friends in Denver. This true twin carving machine known as the Never Summer Heist Longboard. The only flex deck in the Never Summer lineup and ideal for carving, freestyle and tricks, the Heist is lightweight, low-riding and perfect for riders of any skill level. Completely symmetrical and made right here in the USA, the Heist also offers a drop thru truck mount, reinforced P-Tex nose and tail protectors, carbonium bottom sheet for a scratch-resistant graphic and 3/4″ camber for just the right amount of flex. If you want stability, mixed with freestyle capabilities and the ability to power thru some serious carves, the Never Summer Heist may just be the right board for you!

  • Versatile true twin shape
  • 3/4″ camber for just the right amount of flex
  • Carbonium base offers a scratch-proof graphic

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Arbor Zeppelin Longboard

Arbor Zeppelin at Windward Boardshop

Take the psychedelic route on your next adventure when you choose the always-artistic Arbor Zeppelin Longboard. Also equipped with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks, the Zepplin is a shorter and wider option than the Sector 9 Chamber making it stable, supportive and super fun for cruising and carving. The slightly wider body offers great support under both front and back feet, the shorter length makes the Zeppelin more maneuverable and easier to transport and the bamboo top sheet adds the perfect amount of flex and response for fun, lively carves. You can also feel great about knowing the wood and bamboo were sustainably harvested and Arbor also uses eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers to avoid all those nasty toxins that are usually involved with board making. Good for the environment and even better for you carving junkies, you can’t go wrong with the Arbor Zeppelin.

  • Sidewinder trucks add major turning capabilities
  • Bamboo top sheet offers just a little flex
  • Wider body means great stability under both feet

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Landyachtz Drop Carve

Landyacthz Drop Carve 40 at Windward Boardshop

You can’t have a “best of” list when it comes to longboards without mentioning Landyachtz. When it comes to top of the line carving boards, the Landyachtz Drop Carve is definitely making the list. This freestyle-friendly, carve ready ride is perfect for riders of any skill level and is a carving and cruising dream come true. With a lightweight construction and wide, stable body, the Drop Carve offers a ton of support for fast, fun carves while still offering a shape that is perfect for beginners that need a sturdy ride. Functional nose and tail kick add a little versatility while the concave locks your feet into place for added balance and control on faster carves or tighter turns. Equipped with slide wheels for some optional fun but still grippy enough for everyday carving. Whether you are a newby looking for a sturdy carving board or a seasoned ripper that wants versatility and stability in one great looking ride, the Landyactz Drop Carve is definitely a board to consider.

  • Wide, concaved deck for added stability and support
  • Function kick tail for versatility
  • Lightweight construction

Shop the Drop Carve

Sector 9 Shoots Longboard

Sector 9 Shoots at Windward Boardshop

Another great option from Sector 9 comes from their timeless bamboo collection. The Sector 9 Shoots Longboard was build for boardwalk carving and that’s exactly what this board will do. With a slightly wider body and flexy bamboo construction, the Shoots offers the perfect amount of flex for fun, responsive carving. The 5-ply vertical-laminated bamboo build up is lightweight and strong, the drop thru mount keeps the Shoots at a perfect height for solid balance and a lower center of gravity and the Sidewinder trucks (as always) offer the best turn ability in the game. Classic Sector 9 artwork gives the Shoots a timeless look that will never go out of style and the 69mm Top Shelf offset wheels grip the pavement perfect for a sturdy ride, every time. From the boardwalk to your local hood, the Sector 9 shoots should be your next longboard.

  • Bamboo construction offers a natural flex
  • Sidewinder trucks offer maximum turn-ability
  • Wider body adds stability

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Loaded Vanguard

Loaded Vanguard at Windward Boardshop

The most premium carving board on this list and one of the most highly regarded technical flex-decks of all time is the one and only Loaded Vanguard Longboard. With an all bamboo / fiberglass construction and available in 5 different flexes, no other board can quite compare to the Vanguard. The symmetrical shape gives the rider a balanced center of gravity while the narrowed out midsection allows for a perfect flex and momentum-generating energy transfer for the most lively carves you’ve ever felt under your feet. Depending on your weight and your preferred riding style, there are 5 flexes available. Flex 1 is the stiffest and flex 5 is the softest. There is massive camber on this board but heavier riders should stick to the flex 1 and 2 to avoid bottoming out or damaging the bottom graphic. Loaded is the best for a reason and if you’ve never owned one it might be time to find out for yourself.

  • Premium bamboo / fiberglass construction
  • Available in 5 flexes
  • Progressive shape offers premium momentum-building carve-ability

Shop the Vanguard Flex 1

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