Best Beginner Snowboard Bindings for 2014

Finding that perfect first setup is easy when you know what you're looking for. Here are a few of our favorite beginner-friendly bindings for this season.

UPDATE: Looking for the latest snowboard bindings review?
Checkout out our new post on the The Best Snowboard Bindings 2017.

The Best Snowboard Bindings 2017

When investing in your first setup many people focus on finding the board of their dreams and then forget that the board is only one part of the equation. A good pair of bindings will not only improve your ride, but make your learning process a much more pleasant experience. Below we will give you a run down of a handful of bindings that will be perfect for a beginner rider. Common qualities across all these bindings include:

  • Forgiving
  • Soft Flexing
  • Comfortable
  • Easy on the pocket book

A good pair of bindings can last you for years so we are here to help you make the right choice. In no particular order, here are a few of our faves.

For the Guys

Burton FreestyleBurton Freestyle Binding at Windward Boardshop

A Burton best seller for over 20 years, the Burton Freestyle binding is one of the softest and most forgiving bindings on the mountain. This year Burton adds the Re:Flex disc to the Freestyle. This split disc tech will flex under your feet and offer unmatched board feel. When you are still figuring out your fundamentals on your board, you need a binding to work with you – not against you. The Burton Freestyle can do that. Easy to adjust ankle strap, over the toe or around the toe cap straps and fully padded footbed are just a few of the comfort features you will come to love from this binding.

  • Re:Flex baseplate construction
  • Fullbed footbed cushioning
  • Padded hi-back
  • Simple forward lean adjustment

Burton MissionBurton Mission Bindings at Windward Boardshop

For a couple steps up from the Freestyle and a little more responsiveness, the Burton Mission is a killer option. Still a great beginner binding with a slightly stiffer flex while giving you some great upgraded features that will add to the comfort and functionality of this binding. A canted, ergonomic hi-back will offer comfort and support, the Superstrap and Get a Grip capstrap will keep your boots tightly strapped just where they need to be and the Fullbed cushioning system keeps your entire foot supported and extra comfortable.

  • Zero forward lean hi-back
  • Smooth glide buckle technology
  • Re:Flex baseplate construction
  • Canted hi-back design

Rome ShiftRome Shift Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Rome’s most simple, straight forward, easy to shred binding in their lineup – the Shift binding is everything you need in a solid pair of bindings. With a lightweight and super tough Unibody construction, the Shift can take a beating and keep on riding. They give you a quick and easy forward lean adjustment so you can find the perfect setting, add on the beefy Progressive Flex ankle strap and top it all off with the crowd favorite Conformist toe strap that can be ridden over or around the toe of your boot. For a lightweight, simple and tough binding that can do it all, the Rome Shift is just what you need.

  • New Unibody baseplate
  • Perfect mid-range flex
  • Padded hi-back
  • PF.1 ankle strap

Union DLXUnion DLX Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Have no fear, Union has a couple of gems for you beginners out there! The Union DLX is another outstanding option for the beginner rider looking for a moderately priced, responsive (yet forgiving) pair of bindings. Built tough and meant to keep you shredding for seasons to come, the DLX offers a lot of high-end features in a simplified, easy to use, forgiving binding. Bomb-proof Dupont Zytel ST baseplate, extruded anodized aluminum heelcups, brand new toe buckle system and universal discs that are compatible with any snowboard in the universe (yes, even ones from outer space will work).

  • Multizone hi-back
  • Injected aluminum buckles
  • Quick adjust forward lean
  • Direct-connect strap system

Union Flite ProUnion Flite Pro at Windward Boardshop

Want to stick with Union but looking to step your game up from the DLX? The Union Flite Pro is where you need to be. Light on weight but heavy on tech, the new and improved Flite is back for 2014 as the Flite Pro. With the incredibly light and responsive Flite Pro Hi-back, this binding is better than ever while still sitting at the comfy price range that it’s always been known for. Other features include the all-new push pin toe buckles, toe straps with Ultra Grip design, single layer 3-D tapered strap core and extruded anodized aluminum heelcups.

  • Flite Pro hi-back
  • Shift-on-the-fly forward lean
  • Symmetric 3-D direct connect strap system
  • All new toe cup design

For the Girls

Burton CitizenBurton Citizen Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Don’t worry ladies, we have a nice list for you too! Starting off with the Burton Citizen – quite possibly the easiest riding women’s binding in the industry. For the lady who is still figuring out how to maneuver her ride, the Citizen will be a soft, forgiving binding that will help you get thru your growing pains and hit the mountain with confidence. Offering a ton of board feel thanks to the Re:Flex baseplate, comfy Fullbed footbed and a soft-flexing, lightweight hi-back – this binding will be everything you need to get the job done. And the price tag doesn’t hurt.

  • Re:Flex baseplate construction
  • Women’s specific True Fit design
  • Cushioned footbed and hi-back
  • Smooth glide buckle technology

Burton StilettoBurton Stiletto Bindings at Windward Boardshop

For the newbie looking for some serious all-mountain progression, the Burton Stiletto is the way to go. Slightly stiffer and more responsive than the Citizen, the Stiletto will give you the support you are looking for while still leaving a little room for beginner error. With upgraded ankle and toe cap straps, canted hi-backs and ultimate board feel thanks to the Re:Flex baseplate construction, the Stiletto is the binding to choose when you are ready to take your riding game to the next level.

  • Lightweight and extra strong polycarbonate baseplate
  • Canted hi-back with easy forward lean adjustment
  • Lushstrap ankle strap and Primo cap strap
  • Fullbed footbed cushioning

Gnu B-TrueGnu B-True Bindings at Windward Boardshop

For a seriously advanced binding at a price that no one can argue with, the Gnu B-True binding is the way to go. For the fastest entry in the game, choose Gnu’s quick speed entry system. Simply release the lock in the back, slip your foot in, lock it back down and hit the run. No other binding will get you on the mountain this fast. These bindings will also a perfectly middle of the road flex for a forgiving yet responsive ride, toe and heel padding in the baseplate to absorb shock and vibration, symmetric hi-backs for ultimate comfort and a multi disk that will fit on just about any snowboard there is. When you are learning, the last thing you need is to get frustrated trying to get in and out of your bindings. The B-True will solve that problem.

  • 5 out of 10 on the stiffness scale
  • Inverted single panel ankle straps
  • Thin Fit toe straps
  • Gnu’s signature speed entry system

Union Rosa Union Rosa Bindings at Windward Boardshop

This pretty lady is here to help you shred better! The Rosa from Union is another steal of a binding with some serious tech at a great price that a rider of any skill level can appreciate. Using the Flite base from one of their best selling bindings, this lightweight and extra durable binding will offer just enough response to give a beginner rider the control they are looking for. With their brand new female specific toe cap design and asym/symmetrical hi-backs, these bindings are built specifically for the ladies and way that our bodies move when we ride. Treat yourself to a binding that is built to work the way you need it to.

  • Dupont Zytel Flite base
  • Shift-on-the-fly forward lean
  • Injected aluminum buckles
  • Brand new toe buckle system

I hope this gives you a good place to start and a decent idea of what to look for in your first pair of bindings. If you are also searching for your first snowboard, check out the best beginner snowboards for 2014. Good luck on your search and pray for snow!

UPDATE: Looking for the latest snowboard bindings review?
Checkout out our new post on the The Best Snowboard Bindings 2017.

The Best Snowboard Bindings 2017

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