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10 oct 2017

Never Summer W18 Open House Clinic

Come out and learn about the Never Summer Winter 2018 collection at our W82 Chicago on Oct, 10th from 5-8pm.

Windward/W82 Announces Sports Partnership with Major League Baseball

The W82 Brand will receive acknowledgement as the Official Boardsports Company of Major League Baseball

06-08 jul 2017

Boosted Boards Demo Event

Join W82 and the Boosted crew for 3 days of Boosted Board demos on July 6th-8th 2017 at W82 Chicago.

02 oct 2016

The Fourth Phase Snowboard Movie Premiere

Join us for The Fourth Phase global movie premiere on Oct 2nd, 7pm CT at Windward Boardshop Chicago.

05 oct 2016

Never Summer NS25 Snowboard Movie Screening

Never Summer has a 25th anniversary snowboard video out and we hosting a free screening to celebrate it. You're invited to come for the screening and enter to win a 2017 NS snowboard.

8-9 jul 2016

Free Red Paddle Co Demo

Come out to our free Red Paddle Co paddleboard demo days on July 8th and 9th, 2016.

Bustin Longboard Review 2016

With a few tech updates and the return of many tried-and-true models, the Bustin Longboards 2016 lineup is looking very nice.

Arbor Longboard Review 2016

With their natural wood topsheets and classic graphics, Arbor is back with a sweet collection for summer. Let's dive in to 2016 Arbor Longboards...

Sector-9 Longboard Review 2016

We take a look at some of our favorite picks for summer 2016 in our Sector-9 longboard review.

Landyachtz Longboard Review 2016

With nearly 20 years in the game, Landyachtz is back with another season of killer shapes, insane graphics and quality tech. Here is our Landyachtz Longboards Review 2016.

Never Summer Longboard Review 2016

The 2016 collection of Never Summer Longboards is here and real solid. Find your next longboard right here on this list.

21 jun 2016

Go Skate Day 2016

Go Skate Day in Chicago, now at Wilson Skatepark Chicago & Sunset Skate Park Highland Park on Tues. Jun 21st 2016, 12-3pm.

Where to Longboard Around Chicago

This many not be the Rockies, but that doesn't mean there aren't good spots to longboard around Chicago. Checkout our list of our favorite longboard spots in and around the Chicago area.

How to get SUP Certified

Want to take your stand up paddle boarding to the next level? Find out how to get SUP certified.

Starboard SUP Board Review 2016

Starboard SUP is one of the top brands water-sports and they are back with a killer new lineup this year. Let's review Starboard SUP Boards for 2016.

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review 2016

Leading the game when it comes to inflatable paddle boards, Red Paddle Co is back with brand new tech and a fresh look for summer 2016. Let's review Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Boards!

Naish SUP Boards Review 2016

Around since '79 and notorious for producing premium sup and surf products, Naish SUP is back this season. Here is our Naish SUP Board review for 2016.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

Lacking storage or simply love to travel and want to paddleboard? We break down the best inflatable stand up paddleboards of summer 2016.

Best Beginner Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

You've tried it a few times and now it's time to take one home. We've got all the info you need to find yourself the best beginner stand up paddleboard.

Best Touring/Race Stand Up Paddleboards 2016

Take your stand up paddleboarding to the next level. Here is a list of the best touring/race paddleboards for summer 2016.

Best SUP Yoga Boards 2016

Whether it's your first year on a board or you've been nailing head stands for years, we've got the perfect SUP yoga paddle board for summer 2016.

Why Own an Inflatable SUP vs. Fiberglass SUP?

You know it's time to purchase a stand up paddle board but you are unsure if you should go traditional or inflatable SUP. Let's help you make the right choice.

What You Need With Your GoPro

Whether you need to best camera they make or are just getting started into the world of GoPro, we've got a list of what you need to start shooting today.

How To Clean Gore-Tex Snow Jackets and Pants

How do I clean Gore-Tex snow jacket or pants? This guide breaks down the best way to clean your Gore-Tex outerwear and protect your investment for years to come.

Summer Snowboard Storage Tips

Don't just keep your snowboard sitting in the garage and leave it to dry out. Use these snowboard storage tips for a ready to ride board next season.

12 mar 2016

Shred Fest 2016

Come out to Shred Fest on March 12th at the Grand Geneva Resort for a day of snowboarding and charity.

What's in Your Snowboard Bag?

From day trips to week-long adventures, we've got a solid checklist going to make sure you properly pack your snowboard bag.

The Best Splitboard Bindings 2016

If you are ready to take the plunge into splitboarding, then you definitely need to invest in the right splitboard bindings. Here is our top list for 2016.

The Best Splitboards 2016

Whether it's your first time on a splitboard or you've been off-piste for years, we've got a list of the best splitboards in the industry for winter '16.

The Best Snowboard Goggles 2016

No outerwear kit is complete without a killer pair of snowboard goggles. We break down the best of the best for winter 2016.

The Best All-Mountain Snowboards 2016

If you look at a mountain and see endless rideable terrain then you might be in the market for one of these all-mountain snowboards.

The Best Big Mountain Snowboards 2016

If you plan to get after it this winter, you might want to pick up one of these big mountain snowboards. We break down the best of the best for winter 2016.

The Best Beginner Snowboards 2016

Searching for your first snowboard is about to be easier than you think. We've put together a list of our favorite beginner snowboards just for you.

The Best Park Snowboards 2016

When it comes to the best park snowboards of 2016, we've got the best selection around. From urban jib to 20ft kickers, we've got the perfect board for you.

The Best Snowboard Bindings 2016

Whether you need a responsive big mountain option or something cushy and soft for your local park, we've got the best snowboard bindings for winter 2016.

The Best Snowboard Boots 2016

The one thing that can make (or break) your season is the right pair of snowboard boots. Here is a list of some of our favorites for winter 2016.

Union Snowboard Bindings Review 2016

11 years in the game and still doing it better than anybody, Union snowboard bindings have hit the shelves for the 2016 season. See what they have in store.

11 dec 2015

Grand Opening: Windward Highland Park

Join us for our 2nd location grand opening party at 1883 2nd Street in Highland Park, IL on Friday, Dec 11th from 6-8pm!

Lib-Tech Snowboards Review 2016

Lib-Tech Snowboards is on top of their game making boards, since forever, here in the USA. The 2016 collection is quite smackin', we're sure you'll agree.

Capita Snowboards Review 2016

Come with us on a journey through the mystical land that is Capita Snowboards. See what Capita Snowboard has in store for winter 2016.

YES Snowboards Review 2016

Yes Snowboards is proof that you don't need to make a billion boards to be a top notch snowboard company. Witness, YES Snowboards winter 2016.

Arbor Snowboards Review 2016

With fresh new graphics, an impressive team and expanding line, Arbor Snowboards is up to something good. Get in on the secret before it's too late.

Jones Snowboards Review 2016

Powerful boards for dedicated riders, the 2016 Jones Snowboards line is out and dominating. Check out our favorite picks for this season.


How To Buy A Splitboard

splitboard bindings

How To Buy Splitboard Bindings

Understanding Splitboard Bindings

Dive into the world of splitboard bindings with us. We talk about the tech that goes into a split binding and how they differ from traditional snowboard bindings.

Understanding Splitboards

Not sure where to start when learning about splitboards? Start here. We tell you what you need to know about splitboards to expand your snowboard know how.

Never Summer Snowboards Review 2016

The Colorado crew has outdone themselves once again. Never Summer snowboards is back with some pretty awesome innovations. Check out a list of our faves.

Burton Snowboards Review 2016

Burton Snowboards has been around for a long time and continues to create some of the best snowboards in the industry. Check out what Burton has in store for their winter 2016 snowboard lineup.

22 oct 2015

New Belgium X Ben & Jerry's Beer Social

Join us for an evening of shopping, climate activism, beer and ice cream with New Belgium x Ben & Jerry's on Friday, October 23rd 6-8pm.

29 aug 2015

Skyline SUP 2015

Chicago's only WPA stand up paddle race and clinic day is happening on August, 29th at the Lincoln Park Boat Club.

Understanding Swimsuit Styles

We break down the common styles for Women's swimsuit tops and swimsuit bottoms to better help you decide what style is right for you.

11 sep 2015

SUP Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Elkhart

Participate in a Yoga & Meditation Retreat with ACA SUP Yoga Instructor Mary Lou Cerami Sept 11-13 at Osthoff Resort, Wisconsin.

26 jul 2015

Coffee & Donuts With The Volcom Team

Coffee + Donuts + team Volcom = awesome way to start your Sunday on July 26 at Windward Boardshop.

snowboard bindings

What To Look For In Snowboard Bindings

snowboard boots

Finding the Perfect Pair of Snowboard Boots

12 jul 2015

Chicago Style Bomb Longboard Race 2015

Longboard race through the city with Chicago Push Races at the Chicago Style Bomb on Sunday, July 12th.


What To Look For In A Snowboard

21 jun 2015

Go Skate Day 2015

Celebrate skateboarding's annual holiday, Go Skateboard Day, with us at Wilson Skatepark on June 21st.

28 jun 2015

Stand Up Against Blood Cancers 2015

Paddle for charity and help fight blood cancers with the Columbia Yacht Club, Windward and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on June 28th, 2015.

18 jul 2015

Columbia Yacht Club SUP Cup 2015

The Inaugural Columbia Yacht Club SUP Cup is on July 18th, 2015.

Best Carving Longboards 2015

With the 2015 longboards arriving, we hand-picked a list of our favorite carving longboards. Check out some of the best carving longboards for 2015.

Best Downhill Longboards 2015

The results are in, we've got a list of some of the best downhill longboards for 2015. See if your dream board made the cut!

Best Cruiser Longboards 2015

For city ripping or quick trips to the liquor store, cruiser longboards are the ideal way to get around. Here is a list of our favorites for 2015.

Bic Sport Paddleboard Review 2015

The pen people are back with another lineup of Bic Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2015. Here is a list of some of our favorite picks.

Sector-9 Longboards 2015

The creative minds at Sector-9 have done it again. They are back for summer 2015 with another killer lineup of longboards and cruiser boards.

Bustin Longboards 2015

An OG in the longboard game, Bustin Longboards is now available at Windward. Here is a list of some of our favorite boards for summer 2015.

26 apr 2015

The Hunt Longboard Race 2015

Chicago's Scavenger Hunt on Longboards is back for 2015.

Never Summer Longboards 2015

Rider owned and operated and made right here in the U.S.A., Never Summer longboards is absolutely doing it right with the 2015 Never Summer Longboards lineup.

Landyachtz Longboards 2015

Landyachtz Longboards released the 2015 line and we couldn't be more hyped on the collection. Here's a list of our favorites.

Arbor Longboards 2015

A trusted name in the snow and skate game and one of our favorite brands is Arbor longboards. Check out their fresh new collection of longboards for 2015.

Best SUP Yoga Boards 2015

Expand your on land yoga skills and get out on the water with SUP yoga. We've got a list of the best SUP yoga boards for 2015.

Best Touring/Race SUP Boards 2015

When cruising around your local lake gets boring, that means it's time to upgrade. We've got a list of the best race and touring SUP boards for 2015.

Best Beginner Stand Up Paddleboards 2015

You tried it a few times and fell in love, now it's time to buy your own board. We've got a list of the best beginner stand up paddleboards for 2015.

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review 2015

When it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards, nobody does it better than Red Paddle Co. Check out their latest for 2015.

01 mar 2015

Ladies Shred Day 2015

A day of lessons, snow shred and giveaways? Specialized for the ladies? Oh, that must be ladies shred day 2015 on March 1st, 2015.

SIA - Winter 2016 Snowboarding Preview

We had a chance to look at the winter 2016 snowboard gear at the SIA snow show and it's looking awesome! Take a peek at a photo gallery of our favorites.

Burton Snowboard Jackets and Pants 2015

When it comes to winter goods, nobody does it better than the Burton Snowboard crew. Here are our favorite Burton snow jackets and snow pants for winter 2015.

C4 Waterman Paddleboard Review 2015

With a fresh new look for 2015, C4 Waterman is back with a board for every type of paddler. Find your next stand up paddle board below.

The Best Splitboards for 2015

Go where no man has gone before. Hike, strap and shred. These are the best splitboards for winter 2015.

Union Bindings 2015

The new 2015 line from Union Bindings is everything we hoped it would be, and more. Here is a list of our favorites for winter 2015.

W -- 2015

Winter 2015 Snowboard Bus Trip Schedule - Chicago

Chicago's easiest way to go snowboarding is on a local bus trip. Join us on our sponsored trips each month all winter long. Here is our schedule.

11 dec 2014

Splitboard & Backcountry Tech Clinic

Conquer the backcountry on a splitboard. Our clinic on Dec 11th will tell you what you need to know to get started splitboarding.

686 Snowboard Jackets & Pants

Some of the best looking snowboard jackets and pants on the block come from one place, 686. Here is what they have in store for Winter 2015.

Holden Snowboard Jackets & Pants 2015

The perfect blend of function and style, brought to you by Holden Outerwear. Check out what they have in store for winter 2015.

Volcom Snowboard Jacket & Pants 2015

Volcom does it right year round but winter 2015 is better than ever. Find your next snow jacket or snow pant with help from our list of favorites.

Burton Snowboard Bag & Luggage Review 2015

For all your snowboard traveling needs, trust the best in the game. Here is a list of our favorite Burton snowboard bags for winter 2015.

Arbor Snowboards 2015

Delivering classic designs and smooth performance year after year since 1995, the Arbor Snowboards 2015 lineup is no exception.

The Best Snowboard Helmets 2015

Protect your life in comfort and style, with the best snowboard helmets of winter 2015.

Capita Snowboards 2015

If the new "Stay Badass" video has not convinced you to buy Capita Snowboards, then nothing will. The 2015 lineup is better than ever.

The Best Snowboard Goggles 2015

Sure, you can wear sunglasses...Along with your jeans and starter jacket. But seriously, you need good goggles. Here are the best snowboard goggles for 2015.

The Best Park Snowboards 2015

Park rats rejoice, we've got what you need. Introducing the best park snowboards for winter 2015.

19 nov 2014

Snowboard Tech Clinic

Learn about modern day snowboard tech and how it can improve your ride at our Snowboard Tech Clinic on November 19th, 6-8pm.

Lib-Tech Snowboards Review 2015

The mad geniuses at Lib Tech are at it again. The 2015 lineup is better than ever and our Lib-Tech Snowboards Review 2015 can help you find the perfect fit.

26 oct 2014

Big Scary Push Longboard Race 2014

The spookiest longboard race of the year, the Big Scary Push, is back again on Sunday, October 26th.

The Best Big Mountain Snowboards 2015

You may be looking for one of the best big mountain snowboards for winter 2015 so we've come up with a list for you to consider.

Jones Snowboards & NOW Bindings Review 2015

Two heavy hitting brands that we are thrilled to have in the shop are Jones Snowboards and Now Bindings. We explore their winter 2015 lineups.

Never Summer Snowboard Review 2015

Like a fine wine, Never Summer Snowboards seem to get better every year. Here is a list of some of our favorites for winter '15.

The Best All Mountain Snowboards 2015

Mornings in the park, afternoons in the trees. Sound familiar? If so, you might be looking for one of the best all mountain snowboards of winter 2015.

The Best Beginner Snowboards 2015

It's time to skip that rental line and head right to the mountain. Here is our list of the best beginner snowboards for 2015.

17 oct 2014

Winter 2015 Kicker' Off Party

Come out to the Winter 2015 Kicker' Off party with Windward on Fri, Oct 17th 5-8pm. Free snacks, drinks and enter to win a Never Summer Snowboard!

08 oct 2014

Learn to Tune Your Snowboard Clinic

Need to get your snowboard back in shape for the winter 2015 season? Attend the Learn to Tune Your Snowboard Clinic on October 8th from 6-8pm at Windward.

Burton Snowboard Boots 2015 - New Tech Talk

A video series highlighting some of the latest snowboard boot tech from the Burton snowboard boots 2015 line.

Burton Snowboard Bindings 2015 - New Tech Talk

Enjoy this series of videos highlighting some of the latest snowboard binding tech from the Burton Snowboard Bindings 2015 line.

20 sep 2014

Hamburgers & Handrails 5

A day of skateboarding, trick-making, hamburger consuming and free-for-all's. It's Hamburgers & Handrails 5 on Sept 20th, 2014 @ Wilson Skate Park Chicago.

22 aug 2014

Artists on Board Skateboard Art Show

Come check out over 350 local, national and international artists at the Artists on Board Skateboard Art Show on Aug 22nd at Reverie Gallery.

28 aug 2014

Free Paddleboard Demo Day

Come out to Montrose Beach on August 28th 4-7pm for our Free Paddleboard Demo day with Kayak Chicago.

-- aug-sep 2014

SUP Sprint Series 2014

The SUP sprint series is back for 2014 with 4 weeks of stand up paddle board sprint races at the Lincoln Park Boat Club throughout August into September.

26 jul 2014

Stand Up Against Blood Cancer SUP Regatta

Team Stand Up Paddle Board races for charity are happening at the Columbia Yacht Club SUP Regatta on July 26th.

19 jul 2014

Hamburgers & Handrails 4

Continuing on the tradition with our 4th ongoing Hamburgers & Handrails skate event at Wilson Skatepark on 7-19-14. Come for the burgers and free stuff.

18 jul 2014

Big Scary Fundraiser

Show up at Windward on July, 18th from 5-8pm to support Chicago Push Races and the Chicago Longboard Scene for a Big Scary Push Fundraiser.

13 jul 2014

Chicago Style Bomb Longboard Race

Chicago's favorite summer longboard race is on July 13th, 2014 from Union Park to Wilson Skate Park.

10 jul 2014

Free Chicago Paddleboard Demo @ Montrose

Join Windward and Kayak Chicago for a free paddleboard Chicago Demo Day at Montrose Beach on July 10th, 2014 from 5-8pm.

21 jun 2014

Go Skate Day Chicago 2014

The worldwide day of skateboarding is happening June 21st and we are celebrating at Wilson for Go Skate Day Chicago 2014.

15 jun 2014

Learn to SUP Day 2014

Learn to stand up paddleboard in Chicago at the Lincoln Park Boat Club on June 15th, 2014.

The Best Downhill Longboards for 2014

Feel the need for speed? We run down the best downhill longboards for summer 2014.

04 jun 2014

SUP Season Kickoff Party

Start the SUP season off with our SUP season kickoff party at Windward with Chicago Paddle Co on June 4th, 2014.

Roll Out - Episode 2

The Mid-May 2014 edition of things happening at or around Windward Boardshop.

Roll Out - Episode 1

Witness a quick video update on things happening at or around Windward Boardshop.

17 may 2014

Hamburgers and Handrails 3

Free BBQ, swag and skateboard fun. It's Hamburgers and Handrails 3 on May 17th at Wilson Skate Park!

18-19 APR 2014

2nd Annual Online Egg Hunt - Spy Prize Packs

Our annual online egg hunt is back and this year we're giving away 8 Spy prize packs including sunglasses, goggles and more! Find out how to win here...

Red Paddle Inflatable SUP Review 2014

You've seen Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUPs but are not sure what they are all about? Learn why they are awesome in our Red Paddle Inflatable SUP review.

27 APR 2014

The Hunt: Chicago Skate Scavenger Race

The city wide longboard and social media based Scavenger Hunt is back for 2014. The Hunt Chicago 2014 goes down on April 27th @11:30am starting at Wilson Skate Park.

01 MAR 2014

Ladies Shred Day 2014

Head out to Ladies Shred Day 2014 on March 1st, 2014 at Devil's Head Resort!

Winter 2015 Splitboarding: SIA First Look

Splitboarding at SIA 2014! Here we're gonna get a peak at what the snowboard industry is preparing for in 2015 when it comes to the rise of splitboarding.

Winter 2015 Outerwear: First Look SIA

In this video we're taking a look at some of the Winter 2015 Outerwear we saw at the SIA 2014 show.

Winter 2015 Burton Boot Tech - First Look SIA

We caught up with Eric "Mini Shred", Boots Product Manager for Burton Snowboards, to show us the new boot technology they've been working on.

Winter 2015 Snowboard Bindings - First Look SIA

This is part 2 of our Winter 2015 preview series at SIA. Here we will take a look at bindings coming out in 2015.

10 New 2014 Snowboard Technologies

We cover the latest snowboard technology 2014 style. The latest and greatest in the snowboard industry across the major players.

What is Splitboarding?

What is splitboarding? Learn with our video demonstration on how a splitboard works.

What to Buy a SUP Paddler for X-Mas 2013

Ran out of gift ideas on what to buy an SUP paddler? We've got you covered this holiday season with some of these great ideas.

What to Buy a Longboarder for X-Mas 2013

Are you asking the question, 'what to buy a longboarder for x-mas'? We have some good answers for you right here...

What to Buy a Skateboarder for X-Mas 2013

Got a skateboarder on your shopping list but don't know what to buy a skateboarder? Here are some items that every skateboarder needs.

What to Buy a Snowboarder for X-Mas 2013

Still need to buy something for your favorite snowboarder? No problem, we got you. Here are some suggestions on what to buy a snowboarder.

W -- 2014

Winter 2014 Snowboard Bus Trip Schedule

Snowboard season is here and our Windward sponsored bus trips for the winter have been scheduled. Witness, the winter 2014 Snowboard Bus Trip Schedule.

8 dec 2013

Indo Board Fitness & Yoga Classes

We are bringing back in-store Indo board fitness classes + yoga fitness starting Nov 24th to get a jump on the annual mega-calorie-fest that is Thanksgiving.

27 oct 2013

Big Scary Push 2013

A Longboard race in costumes? Must be the Big Scary Push 2013 on Sunday, October 27th.

Best 2014 Snowboard Videos

Every snowboard season brings a fresh collection of videos. Here are the best 2014 snowboard videos complete with trailers (+ full clips) just for you.

12 oct 2013

Burton Welcome to Winter 2014 Party

Burton and Windward join forces for a Winter 2014 kickoff party. The Burton Welcome to Winter 2014 party is going down at Windward Boardshop Oct, 12.

26 sep 2013

Ladies First - A Windward Ladies Event

Sneak peeks at Winter 2014 Women's gear, things on sale + free nails and giveaways. Yep, Ladies First at Windward Boardshop on Thurs, Sept 26th from 6-9pm.

In the Life With Mary Lou Cerami - Video Short

Windward Team Rider, Mary Lou Cerami, tells us all about taking balance to a new level with SUP yoga.

Understanding Skateboard Trucks

Everybody knows what skateboard trucks are, but how do they work? Here is a little guide for better understanding skateboard trucks.

24 aug 2013

Windward Hamburgers and Handrails 2

Skate, swag and free burgers at Wilson Skatepark on August 24th. It's Windward Hamburgers and Handrails 2!

16+23 aug 2013

SUP Sprint Series

Come out and race at the Lincoln Park Boat Club. The SUP Sprint Series will take place on Friday, August 16th and 23rd from 6-8pm.

15 aug 2013

SUP n' Brew

What is the SUP n' Brew? Well, it's just a fine and dandy Windward Beer Bus + Stand Up Paddle Night on Thursday, Aug 15th 5-8pm.

The Longboard Truck Review - 2013 Edition

Looking to kit out that board of yours? We break down the best of the best in this longboard truck review.

SUP Yoga and the new Fiat 500L

Fiat's coming to Chicago to film some SUP Yoga and the Fiat 500L.

Understanding Skate Shoes

Double stitching, vulc soles, super suede. All these terms seem confusing? We break down all you need to know to purchase your next pair of skate shoes.

The Best City Cruisers for 2013

Looking for a new way to get around town? We break down the best city cruiser boards for summer '13.

27 jul 2013

2nd Annual SUP YACS Classic

The 2013 Chicago race scene continues on with the 2nd Annual SUP YACS Classic at Montrose Beach.

How to Stand Up Paddle Board Video Guide

Looking to learn how to stand up paddle board? This quick video guide shows you everything to get started stand up paddle boarding in minutes.

10 SUP Races You Should Enter in 2013

Looking to step up to some local SUP races? We run down 10 races that every Midwest SUP enthusiast should know about.

14 jul 2013

Clark Street Bomb 2013

Chicago's most epic longboard push race of the year. The Clark Street Bomb is back for 2013.

2013 Sandal Review

Time to get those toes out of hibernation for the next few months. We've got the lowdown on the best sandals for summer 2013.

23 jun 2013

SUP Paddle Day at Columbia Yacht Club

Our summer of SUP continues with our next SUP paddle day at the Columbia Yacht Club on Sunday, June 23rd. Come down to get out on the water and try SUP.

01 JUN 2013

Learn to Row and SUP Day

We're kicking off stand up paddle season in Chicago with a day of FREE SUP and BBQ. Learn to row and SUP day -- June 1st with the Lincoln Park Boat Club.

Understanding Longboard Wheels

Everything you need to know to understand the technology behind longboard wheels. Complete with nice graphics to help you understand better.

How to Size and Cut Your SUP Paddle

Not sure how to size and cut an SUP paddle? Watch in this quick video demo where we walk through the steps to customize your uncut paddle with the perfect fit.

How to Build a Longboard

A video demo on how to build a longboard complete. Building a longboard is different than a traditional skate deck. Our video journey will show you the way.

28 apr 2013

In-Store Off Season SUP Indo Training Class #2

Come out to Windward on 4-28-13 for our second FREE SUP Indo Training class hosted by certified yoga instructor, Mary Lou Cerami.

How To Build A Skateboard

A video demo on how to build your skateboard. Complete with step by step instructions for all you visual learners.

28 mar 2013

Windward 1st Annual Online Egg Hunt

Who will win in our 1st annual online egg hunt for prizes? Starts Thursday, Mar 28th and ends when all the eggs have been found.

24 mar 2013

Free In-Store SUP Off Season Training Session

Tune up your balance skills for summer's stand up paddle boarding season with this FREE "Balance Core Challenge" class on the Indo balance board.

27 feb 2013

The Learn to Tune / Watch Snowboard Videos Party

Learn to tune your snowboard from our Windward tune up experts and enjoy a fine brew + snacks while you watch snowboard videos.

How to Tune a Snowboard

A quick step by step video on how to tune a snowboard. Includes a hot wax and edge sharpen with the man in the black pajamas. Watching this will make your snowboard faster and that makes you cooler than you were before you watched it.

Rail Jam at U of W Madison

Groundhogs will be poppin and rail jams will be droppin' Feb 2nd at U of W Madison.

2013 SUP Boards at the Chicago Boat Show

Demo the latest and greatest 2013 SUP Boards and Paddles at McCormick Place Jan 9-13th with Windward Boardshop.

07 dec 2012

A Fortnight to the End of the World

The end of the world is near. Come party with Windward and stock up for the apocalypse on Friday, December 7th.

20 nov 2012

YES. It's A Movie II - Local Chicago Premiere

We are hosting a movie premiere in Chicago and you're invited. YES!

01-24 nov-dec 2012

Give Back to Charity for 10% Off In-Store

Get an extra 5% off your total in-store purchase when you help us give back to charity.

-- winter 2013

2013 Chicago Snowboarding Bus Trip Schedule

Windward is back again with the winter 2013 Chicago snowboarding bus trip schedule. Join us on a fun trip or two with the Windy City Ski and Snowboard crew.

Chicago Skateboarding with Compadre Skateboards

A local Chicago skateboarding video from our friends over at Compadre Skateboards.

28 oct 2012

Chicago Longboard Race - Big Scary Push 2012

The year's spookiest Chicago longboard race will go down October 28th, 2012 in Humbolt Park.

Loaded Longboards - Hover Fly Video

Loaded Longboards Team Longboarder Nick Escamilla Killing it on a Loaded Fat Tail.

Burton 2013 Hardgoods Tech You Should Know

2013 brings some killer new tech from Burton Snowboards. Check out some of the highlights here.

Top 10 2013 Snowboards for Midwest Riding

The midwest can throw some crap conditions at us snowboarders. Here are 10 snowboards to get the best shred no matter what mother midwest throws at us.

Top 10 Mini Ramp Tricks to Blow your Friends Mind

Conquer the mini ramp and get all the ladies with these mini ramp skateboard tricks to surely impress.

22 sep 2012

Burton 13 Video Premiere + Recap

Join us for the local Chicago premiere of Burton's New Snowboard Video, Thirteen.

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

A guide to fitting the right sunglasses for your face shape.

31-03 aug-sep 2012

The Labor Day Sale

Massive Savings. 4 Days to Act. Aug 31-Sep 03.

14 aug 2012

Neff Shop Tour Hits Chicago @ Windward

Get Your Ice Cream Flava On, Tuesday Aug 14th at 3pm.

19 jul 2012

The Erin Donnelly Ellis Trunk Show

Enjoy wine, jewelry and good people on July 19th at Windward.

The Clark St. Bomb 2012

A 7.2 Mile Longboard Race through Chi-town.

Chicago Skateboards Skate the Lake

The breaks on Lake Michigan downtown Chicago have been conquered.

Chicago Shoreline Stand Up Paddle Race

Chicago's first WPA Sanctioned Stand Up Paddle Race - August 10-11th 2012

05 jul 2012

Paddle Days 2012

Try out SUP for free with Windward at North Ave Beach!

11 jul 2012

Hurley's Rip My Shred Stick Tour in Chicago

Free surf for the groms and free boardshorts and t-shirts for anyone!

22-30 jun 2012

RECAP: Go Skate Day 2012 Chicago

A skate celebration. This year with 4 days of savings and shred.

14 jun 2012

RECAP: Paddle Days 2012 - #1

We're kicking off the summer with our first Stand Up Paddle Day in 2012 on June 14th at North Ave Beach!

26 apr 2012

Recap: 80s Spring Fling

30 years of Windward Boardshop takes it back to the 80's for a night of unicorn magic and mullets.

09-10 mar 2012

Midwest Snowfest 2012

A Chicago Snowboarding and Music Festival to rule them all.

SIA Snowboard Show 2012 Recap

A quick recap and exclusive picks from the show.

01 feb 2012

Windward 30th Anniversary Year of Gear

12 months of prizes + $100 windward shopping spree's every 1st and 15th!

02 feb 2012

Feb 2nd - Holidaze II with Jniice! - Recap

Get your groundhog on at Windward's Holidazed II!

-- jan 2012

Enter to Win a Burton Custom X and Diode EST Bindings

Burton and Windward celebrate John Jackson now on the Burton Team!

21 jan 2012

January 21 - Ladies Shred Day Recap

Cool chicks unite for a day of lady snow shred!

07 jan 2012

Spring Riding in January!?

50º but still awesome conditions this past weekend at Chestnut? YES!

-- dec 2011

A Charity Success!

Thank you from Windward and the Lakeview Pantry.

16-18 dec 2011

Recap: Rock n' Ride 2011

Bands, DJ's, Raffles, Contests, Demos, Tattoos oh my!

27 dec 2011

December 27 - Launch Party

A party for the ladies sponsored by Burton and Windward Boardshop. Free gift bags and a chance to win a $300 shopping spree at Windward!

25-28 nov 2012

The Black Sale - Charity and Deals

11.25-11.28 at Windward Boardshop -- 3 days of in-store charity and deals

12 nov 2011

Big Snowman Winter Kicker' Off Recap

Check out some pics and deets from our winter kicker off Par-tay!

12 nov 2011

November 12 - Big Snowman Kicker' Party

Big Snowman says new winter gear, food and prizes!

03 dec 2011

Winter 2012 Windy City Bus Trip Dates Have Been Set

Winter is around the corner so plan your windward sponsored bus trip today!

Windy City Waterman SUP for Charity has new 50-mile route

Matt Lennert will paddle a 50-mile course along the Chicagoland lakefront on Sept. 11th.

Killian Martin Livin' up the first 4 letters of his name

Killian Martin killin' it in this video series where skateboarding meets gymnastics.

19 aug 2011

August 19th - Ladies Night at Windward

An elegant evening of champagne, savings, prizes and pampering.

29-31 aug 2011

July 29-31st: Summer Blowout Sale!

The savings are coming...the savings are coming!

28 jul 2011

July 28th - Paddle Day 3

Get out on that water and try some SUP already!

Midwest Masters Recap

Windy City Waterman takes first place!

21 jun 2011

Recap: Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Put life on hold for a day and go skate with us at Wilson skate park.

07 jul 2011

Stand Up for Charity Fundraiser Party

Meet Naish SUP pros and support Windy City Waterman in his SUP for charity.

Windy City Waterman Stands Up for Charity

A Non-stop, 50-mile, open water paddle crossing of Lake Michigan...Wild!

29 jun 2011

June 26 - Windward Paddle Day 2

Join us for a day at the beach and SUP fantasticness!

11 jun 2011

Recap: Windward Paddle Day 1

The battle against temps in the 50's, gusty winds and overcast skies...still a blast!

The Dog Days of Surf

Some of these dogs surf might just better than you.

17 jun 2011

June 17 - Mini-Park Sneek Peek and Demo

Watch the Character and Wellborn crews demo the mini and other fun surprises.

Surfing in the land of snow

That's not white sand on these mid-west beaches...

Snowboarding in the land of sand

Will the next snowboarding superstar's 'local mountain' be in a desert one day?

11 jun 2011

Introducing: Windward Paddle Days

Walk on water with the Windward crew starting June 11th at Montrose Ave. beach.

19 may 2011

Recap: May 19th - Rock the Boat with Windward

Windward rocks it on-location at the Columbia Yacht Club.

28-29 may 2011

May 28-29th: Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival

Stop by our booth at one of Chicago's hippest summer street street festivals.

Ladies rip it in Peep Show's 'Winter Wars' Trailer

These ladies can for sure rip on them snowboards.

DC 'This is Snowboarding' Video Series

Snowboarding defined by DC and showcased in some awesome video footage.

Snowboarding's Last Days at Whistler 2010-11

Watch some park footage from Whistler's last days of the 2010-11 season.

Chicago Skateboard Company Affiliate Rips Puerto Rico

Watch our good friends at Affiliate skate Puerto Rico with mad style.

Jumping trains on snowboards

Some people like to ride trains from point A to point B. Trevor Jacob likes to jump over them while in motion on his snowboard.