Meet Tony

Snowboarding since 1996, I am one of the owners at Windward Boardshop. I enjoy making fresh tracks in the winter and fresh waves on the water during summer SUP'in it up. When I'm not riding I'm running the backend inventory and online world of Windward, burning my eyes out in front of the screen creating all sorts of digital delights.

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Burton Spring Break 2013

A weekend of snowboarding, drinking and midwest party shenanigans. This is Burton Spring Break 2013 at Chestnut Mountian.

A Look Inside Never Summer Industries

Take an exclusive look inside Never Summer Industries with Mike Galardi.

Where to Snowboard In Chicago

Many people stop in and ask us where to snowboard in Chicago. Here is a list of a few of our favorite local shred spots.

Stance Socks - Rock Out with Your Socks Out

There is a reason why the space program shut down. Stance Socks stole all of NASA's technology and put it in their socks.

The Best 2013 Snowboard Videos

The lowdown on winter 2013's best snowboard videos complete with trailers and magic unicorns.

Understanding Longboard Decks

A longboard ain't just a plank with wheels no more. Learn about the detail and precision technology that goes into the modern day longboard deck.

Battle of The Paddle 2012 Riviera Video Recap

Check out this video edit from Riviera Paddlesurf on the 2012 Battle of the Paddle at Dana Point, California.

A Quick History of Skateboarding

Take a step back in time and learn something about the roots of skate.

Boosted Boards Electric Longboard

The lightest electric vehicle in the world is soon upon us and it comes in the form of a longboard.

Understanding Longboard Bushings

Those little cushions called bushings can really change your ride. Learn how with this guide.

Understanding Risers & Hardware

Do I need risers? What size should I use? Learn all about the answers to these questions.

Understanding Longboard Trucks

How does a longboard truck work? Get to know them a little better with this guide.

How To Choose the Right Longboard

Find yourself on the right longboard using this quick guide to longboard styles.

Understanding Longboard Bearings

Learn all about how bearings make the wheels go round.

New indoor skate park in Chicago?

Daley proposes plan for a 24 hour indoor skate park in Chicago!

Chicago SUP Blog: Windy City Waterman

Chicago SUP rider, Matthew Lennert, starts the Windy City Waterman Blog.

22 apr 2011

Windward Featured in Transworld 30-30

Read the interview with the Windward owners in Transworld Business and take a new video glimpse of before and after the re-model.

18 apr 2011

Windward Talks SUP and Summer on WGN 9

Watch Jess give the summer low down on SUP and summer fun on WGN9.

The Diamond Debate: Volcom vs. Roc Nation

Windward has settled the Volcom-Roc Nation Diamond Debacle Lawsuit!

11 nov 2010

New Owners. New Look. Time Lapse.

View this sweet time lapse of our complete re-model from demo through opening day.