Meet Eme Cole

Author of Pilates Expanded - Stand Up Paddle Board, an introduction to SUP Pilates, Eme owns Pilates Plus Cross-Training Studio in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and is available for Stand Up Paddle Pilates lessons on Lake Michigan in the summer.

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Pilates Oblique Series on the SUP

We cover three great SUP Pilates exercises to really work your obliques and help develop your core balance to a new level.

Gear Up for SUP Pilates

Looking to get out on the water and try out stand up paddle boarding and SUP Pilates? Here are some tips to gear up for SUP Pilates.

Using Pilates to Cross-Train for SUP

Pilates is a great way to cross-train for SUP. We cover three Pilates exercises to prepare your body for the upcoming stand up paddle board season.

Learn SUP Pilates - Part 1

An introduction to Pilates on a stand up paddle board. In part 1 we go over core Pilates principles and show you 3 simple moves to learn SUP Pilates.