Arbor Snowboards 2017

Arbor Snowboards 2017

Coming into their 3rd decade making boards, Arbor snowboards is still keeping it classy with their natural look. See what the crew has in store for winter 2017.

Entering into their 3rd decade of business, and it seems that Arbor Snowboards can do no wrong. These guys have been at it for years and still find a way to reinvent themselves and keep pushing their tech to the next level. 2017 brings some brand new shapes, some rocker and camber options in a few of the best sellers and more of that classic Arbor look that we all know and love. They experiment with mixing different types of woods to create the most beautiful top sheets we’ve ever seen and also introduce a new board for the ladies – the Ethos – that is one of our top picks for 2017. They continue to push the Eco card and do everything in their power to leave the smallest footprint possible and continue to lead the pack when it comes to sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Forget everything you thought you knew about Arbor and take a look at what seems to be their best season yet!

Mens Snowboards

Foundation Snowboard

Arbor Foundation at Windward Boardshop

You can’t build anything without a solid foundation and the same rule applies to your snowboarding skills. Before you can toss yourself off a 30 foot kicker, you need to make sure your fundamental skills are on point and the Arbor Foundation can definitely help to get you there. This beginner friendly ride gives you all the tools you need to push your riding to the next level. This medium-flex board has a twin shape for added versatility and has Arbor’s System Rocker profile making the ride super forgiving yet still able to hold an edge well. The Spoonhead Tips reduce the risks involved with a super catchy edge and also help for better float in deeper snow conditions, the Biax fiberglass adds just enough pop for a responsive ride while the Extruded base holds wax well and is highly durable which adds to the overall life span of the board. Intermediate riders should also not skim over this board – it is beginner friendly but the more experienced rippers will love the laid back ride that you get from the Arbor Foundation.

  • Super classic all mountain shape and design
  • Spoonhead tips reduce catchiness
  • Biax fiberglass adds just the right amount of pop


  • Not the most powerful board
  • Extruded base is durable but not as fast as sintered

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Westmark Rocker / Camber Snowboard

Arbor Westmark Rocker at Windward Boardshop

For a long time, many people thought Arbor only made big mountain boards – and then they created the Arbor Westmark. Available in both a camber or rocker version, the Westmark has all-mountain capabilities but feels right at home in the terrain park. Both the camber and rocker version have a true twin shape for seamless switch riding and a blunted nose and tail for reduced swing weight on spins. 360 degree rails add a ton of durability for the inevitable slams and the Ash Power Ply topsheets reduce weight and add an element of natural pop. The camber version will have a more responsive feel for launching those bigger kickers while the rocker version will feel more loose for better lock-in on rails and overall maneuverability. Both versions have biax fiberglass for a snappy ride and a sintered base for top notch speed and wax retention. Whether it’s a playful run thru the terrain park, bonking a tree stump you discovered in the woods or launching a big kicker – the Arbor Westmark guarantees to get the job done.


  • 2 options so you can pick the perfect flex
  • Blunted nose and tail for reduced swing weight
  • Arguably one of the best looking boards in the lineup


  • Centered stance can be tough in deeper conditions

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Wasteland Snowboard

Arbor Wasteland at Windward Boardshop

For the experienced ripper who wants a premium construction and a board that can conquer the entire mountain, the Arbor Wasteland is an excellent choice. The Premium Inlaid Power Ply Topsheet is lightweight, strong and offers an excellent natural poppy feel, Carbon Uprights add strength and responsiveness for big mountain riding, 360 degree rails add extra durability – which is good for all of us – and the Thunderhead tips add some major style points while also reducing weight. All in all, the Wasteland offers a premium construction, excellent responsiveness and great float in powder thanks to the System Rocker shape. For any seasoned vet that wants one board that can do it all, the Arbor Wasteland is a great choice.


  • Premium construction
  • Rockered nose floats well in powder
  • Great all mountain option


  • For big mountain riding, some may find the hybrid rocker / camber is not stiff enough

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Relapse Snowboard

Arbor Relapse at Windward Boardshop

If you find yourself slipping back into your old ways and dreaming about the glory days of snowboarding, then you might be the perfect candidate for the Arbor Relapse. Inspired by the 90’s and the OG true camber shapes of the early days of snowboarding, the Relapse is like a blast from the past with all the tech updates you could ask for. Loaded up with the snappy responsiveness that you can only get from traditional camber, the Relapse offers excellent edge control and is also a true twin for maximum versatility. Some of the new features include the higher end Single Malt Core for reduced weight, an Ash Power Ply topsheet for natural pop and that classic Arbor look and an Extruded base for reliable speed and top notch durability. Biax fiberglass packs an additional punch when it comes to the overall flex of the board and 360 degree rails protect your board against the inevitable rock run-ins or lift line crashes. Since a time machine is too expensive, the Arbor Relapse is the most efficient way to relive the good ‘ole days of snowboarding.

  • Traditional camber is responsive and powerful
  • True twin shape is freestyle friendly and super versatile
  • The Ash power ply top sheet is lightweight and gives that classic Arbor look


  • It’s not actually the 90’s anymore

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Element Snowboard

Arbor Element at Windward Boardshop

The board that started it all for Arbor many years ago has morphed into one of the most user-friendly, high performance, all mountain boards that we’ve ever known – and that board is the Arbor Element. With a mean graphic update and all the top tech that we have come to expect from Arbor, the Element is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders that want a freestyle-friendly all mountain ride. With a snappy, lightweight Ash Power Ply topsheet and mixed glassing, the Element is highly responsive and is packed with power for launching kickers or carving hard lines. The Single Malt Core reduces weight for a lighter ride, 360 degree rails add to the durability and an Extruded base will keep you moving fast but is also very durable and easy maintain. High end tech, a lightweight responsive ride, twin shaped for additional versatility and a black walnut Power Ply Topsheet to let everyone know you are definitely riding an Arbor board – you cannot go wrong with the Arbor Element.


  • For the experienced rider that wants to enjoy the entire mountain
  • Black walnut power ply topsheet is AWESOME
  • Biax / Triax fiberglass loads the board up with pop


  • You have to upgrade to the Premium version to get the sintered base

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Coda Rocker Snowboard

Arbor Coda Rocker at Windward Boardshop

For the deep pow seekers and out-of-bounds adventurers out there, take a look at the Arbor Coda Rocker. This beauty will excel in deep snow conditions and was built to float, carve hard and bravely explore uncharted territories. The Bamboo Power Ply top sheet adds a lightweight, lively natural pop to the board, Grip-Tech adds 4 additional contact points to the board for added edge hold in hard pack conditions, mixed glassing builds Triax over Biax fiberglass for the ultimate in strength and stiffness and the Double Barrel II Core is made from Poplar and then reinforced with Bamboo struts running along the rails of the board. Fully wrapped sidewalls protect against hidden rocks or tree stumps and the Sintered base offers both speed and durability for a lightening fast ride. Whether you are powering thru the blacks in bounds or exploring the backcountry, the Arbor Coda Rocker has everything you need to enjoy the best freeride conditions you can find this winter.


  • Great for the powder-seekers
  • Bamboo struts add power to drive you thru deep snow
  • Fully wrapped metal edges to avoid run-ins with nature


  • Pretty freeride specific so not great for terrain park heads

Shop the Arbor Coda Rocker

Bryan Iguchi Pro – Camber / Rocker Snowboard

Arbor Brian Iguchi Pro Rocker at Windward Boardshop

Bryan Iguchi is a living legend of snowboarding. With countless years in the game and a recent appearance in Travis Rice’s The Fourth Phase, the “Guch” continues to push the limits of snowboarding in every way. Now residing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he is more in touch than ever with some of nature’s most magical terrain, enabling him to keep growing his skills and style. The Bryan Iguchi Pro Model from Arbor is available in both a Camber and Rocker version and embraces his freestyle roots and big mountain soul. This board was built to launch huge kickers and keep up with the best snowboarders in the world so Arbor put some of their top tech into it. The Ash Power Ply top sheet is extremely lightweight and packed with natural pop, the mixed glassing blends both Triax and Biax fiberglass for ultimate responsiveness, the Grip Tech contact points allow for better edge hold in icier conditions and the sintered base ensures the highest speeds and smoothest ride at all times. For the riders who plan to save this board for powder days, the Rocker version is an excellent option. For those that want to charge hard and need a more responsive ride, the Camber is the way to go. Get schooled by one of the all-time greats when you treat yourself to the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Model.

  • Worthy of a legend
  • 2 versions so you can get the option that is right for you
  • For the freestyle rider that still wants to tackle the entire mountain


  • None. Available in rocker or camber – problem solved!

Shop the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber
Shop the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker

Women’s Snowboards

Swoon Rocker Snowboard

Arbor Women's Swoon Rocker at Windward Boardshop

For the seasoned lady shredders who want a powder-friendly, super surfy ride, the Arbor Swoon Rocker is an excellent choice. With a slightly stiffer flex and versatile mountain-twin shape, the Swoon can carve hard, float in deeper conditions and navigate everything in between. The Bamboo Power Ply top sheet is lightweight, sustainable and extra snappy, the Sintered Base offers top notch speed and wax retention, the Grip Tech adds extra edge hold on the icier days and the biax-over-triax mixed glassing gives the rider maximum pop and responsiveness for a powerful ride. Morning pow in the trees to sunny afternoon steeps, the Arbor Swoon can truly do it all.


  • Ideal for the ladies who like the deeper days
  • Sintered base is nice and fast
  • Biax over triax glass is snappy and responsive


  • Better suited for big mountain, so park riders should choose another ride

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Poparazzi Snowboard

Arbor Women's Poparazzi at Windward Boardshop

Turn heads on the mountain this winter with help from the Arbor Poparazzi. This all-mountain ride is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders that want a board that can slay the entire mountain. The soft and forgiving Rocker System makes directing and controlling the board easy, the Grip Tech adds edge contact points for better grip on icy days, Reclaimed Bamboo Inlays in the top sheet add some environmental style while the Biax Glassing adds just enough pop and power to making carving or jumping super fun. The Extruded Base is super durable and easy to care for and the 360 degree rail wrap provides a barrier for the inevitable lift-line run-ins. Steal the spotlight this winter when you choose the Arbor Poparazzi.


  • Beginner to intermediate riders
  • Soft rocker system is playful and forgiving
  • Extruded base is durable and easy to care for


  • More experienced riders will likely find it to be too soft

Shop the Arbor Poparazzi

Ethos Snowboard

Arbor Women's Ethos at Windward Boardshop

Whether you are still getting your fundamentals locked down, or you’ve been riding for years – the Arbor Ethos could be the perfect board for you. Easy to ride and loaded with tech, the Ethos is here to help you get your riding up to the next level – whatever level that is. The Parabolic Rocker shape means a ton of flex thru the middle for easy manipulation of the board but then the edge flatten out toward the nose and tail so your edges are readily available and easy to get up on. A transparent topsheet lets that beautiful, sustainable wood top shine thru, Grip Tech contact points help with edge hold on those hard pack days and the Biax Glassing makes the board snappy without being too stiff. Responsive, fun to ride, and most of all – easy to ride – so all you need to worry about is pushing your limits and getting the job done this winter on the Arbor Ethos.


  • Excellent beginner board
  • Soft flex with a mountain twin shape
  • Biax glass adds a little response without being stiff


  • Softer flex and rocker shape not ideal on hardpack or icy conditions

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Youth Snowboards

Helix Snowboard

Arbor Boy's Helix at Windward Boardshop

An excellent all-mountain snowboard for the little shredder in your crew is the Arbor Helix. With a soft flex and Arbor’s notorious Rocker System, the Helix is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Biax fiberglass adds just a little pop for a lively ride, the Panhead nose and tail scoops up for less drag and also reduces swing weight while the 360 degree rails add extra durability. When the little ripper in your crew is ready to conquer the mountain all by themselves, it’s time for the Arbor Helix.

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From mens to women’s to kids boards, Arbor has you covered!

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