C4 Waterman - Switchblade Racer Stand Up Paddle SUP, 12' 6"

Switchblade Racer Stand Up Paddle SUP, 12' 6"



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The C4 Switchblade battle-tested plan shape is the result of numerous generations of prototypes forged in the C4 Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is comfortably wide and stable enough for Ma and Pa Kettle to tour Lake Wannamuckaround, but streamlined enough to take on that summer race you’ve been trying to get bold enough to enter. The bottom shape is all about drag-free efficiency. The classic neutral paddleboard rocker and slippery displacement hull keeps the water flow moving along the rails and off the tail, eliminating the ‘stickiness’ that arises when flat-bottom SUPs are ‘compressed’ in the water through the mechanics of vigorous paddling. The recessed deck well lowers a paddler’s center of gravity and gives them greater stability and increases the mechanical advantage of being able to use a shorter paddle. You’ll feel the slick glide of a thoroughbred caliber board whether you want to win a race or lose the crowd. Includes a racing fin, deck pad, and multiple inserts for attaching cargo

  • Construction: TEC (Thermal Epoxy Compression)r
  • Bottom: ‘V2R2V’ (Vee-to-Round-to-Vee)s
  • Tail Shape: Area Pin
  • Can support advanced paddlers up to 250 lbs.
  • Racing and cruising SUP paddleboard

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C4 Waterman - Switchblade Racer Stand Up Paddle SUP, 12' 6"